Different Types Of Watches

types of watches

Watches are not only your style statement but also a sign of value, status, and level or class.

They reflect your personality as well as the choice and preference of yours. Watches are an important part of one’s attire, the whole style is incomplete without a watch.

Going with a watch is a difficult task as many of the parameters are need to be kept in mind and one of them is the type of watch which is very important.

There are varieties of different styles and categories of watches. Going with a certain type of watch depends upon the needs and requirements.

Always the type of watch should be selected on the basis of uses, daily life, style, personality, likes and dislike and much more.

Selecting the best watch type for you is a difficult task as lots and lots of options are available therefore we are here to remove this difficulty of yours.

Our post carries the best types of watches with which you can definitely go according to your preference and choice.

5 Different Types Of Watches:

1. Mechanical Watches
2. Analog Watches
3. Digital Watches
4. Automatic Watches
5. Chronograph Watches

1. Mechanical Watches

Mechanical Watches

The mechanical movement is taken up by most of the heavy rated watches that are from top-rated and leading brands.

Watches having mechanical movement reflects the traditional inner structure of the watch.

Its structure carries gears as well as springs that can be winded in order to provide power to other devices.

Mechanical watches have their own sound of ticking sound that is produced due to the unwinding of spring as it gets charged up due to this process.

2. Analog Watches

analog watches

It is the eldest form of watch type, most of the people carry watches having analog watch type.

Analog watch has a display of a small clock with 1 to 12 hours written or displayed on it.

Also, it carries an hour hand, minute hand, and second hand. On the other hand, the numbers displayed can be in traditional or Roman fonts.

3. Digital Watches

Digital watch type carries an LCD display screen that displays each and every element of the day that is time, day, date, and much more.

For regular working, it needs electric power as it makes its batteries charge. It’s working mechanism carries a circuit that initiates electronic signals which display time, date, day and other items on the screen.

They are very less expensive watches and are easily available at any watch store but they carry huge fan following.

4. Automatic Watches

Automatic watches

The automatic watch also know as self-winding watch works and continues to work according to the movement of the wrist of the wearer.

The watch mechanism carries a rotor which is a half-disc metal weight when there is any movement in the wrist the rotor spins and winds the spring back.

Due to this structure and working this kind of watch are easily identifiable as their second-hand sweeps.

They carry a high range and suit a higher budget of watches. On the other hand, if you do not wear the watch regularly then you can keep it in a watch winder.

5. Chronograph Watches

These are the most popular type of watch. It is easily recognized by the buttons.

Most of the chronograph watches have 3 buttons with the main face. One of those buttons is used to start and stop the stopwatch.

There are various types of chronograph watches that suit different purposes like including double chronographs, sailor’s chronographs, doctor’s chronographs.

We hope that you liked our post on the different watch types that carried different types or kinds of watches with whom you can go.

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