Best Watch Brands in India

best watch brands in india 2020

Watches are not only a key factor of style statement but also an important instrument to measure the growth in every field you are in.

Our whole attire is incomplete without a watch they not only make us look confident and beautiful but also act as amazing presents for your near and dear ones.

When a watch buying tasks for ourselves or for gifting purposes to our family and friends we always prefer to get the best quality watch from top brands.

Brands of watches are an assurance of quality, durability, performance, experience all of them at the best and superior level.

Going with a watch is a difficult task as it requires to go through lots and lots of brands available in the market, but due to soo much competition there are some watch brands that advertise fake features and thus do unfair means towards the buyers.

Therefore to remove your difficulty of choice as well as to go with assured and certified brands so that you won’t fall in unfair hands.

Therefore we are here with the top 10 most popular brands of wristwatches in India that are awesome of performance as well as suit various budgets levels and also are top-selling and most popular.

Top 10 Best Watch Brands in India:

1. Titan

best watch brand titan

It is one of the top-selling and watches manufacturing brands worldwide. Its watches are famous for their durability and design.

The brand came into existence with the joint venture between TATA and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO) took place.

Its sub-brand is Fastrack which offers various watches for youngsters that suit their needs and requirement.

The brand offers watches that suit all ranges which makes it an affordable brand also it manufactures the watches that are trendy as well are of amazing designs that compliment your style and attire.

It is a Indian watch brand and thus comes under the category of indie watchmakers.

It crafts its watches with excellent perfection also it is from the fifth-largest manufacturing company in the world.

2. Casio

casio watch brand

Everybody knows about Casio it is a world-famous brand and the leading watch manufacturer that serves all the needs and requirements of the customers.

Also, it is a Japanese company that is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics. Its HI-Tech watches carry a little bit of high price.

From a child to old age Casio is known by all of them and thus is the most famous company and carry watch brand under it like G-Shock and Edifice. It offers watches that suit all the needs of various age groups.

Also, not age groups but it also crafts watches that are meant for various events and functions. Its watches carry top quality features with them and thus customers love Casio watches.

It comes under the top 10 most popular brands of wristwatches in India as it is best with everything also acts as the best watch brands for men in India.

The brand also manufactures smartwatches that can track health activities as well as you can connect the phone with the smartwatch and can get GPS locations through a smartphone.

3. Timex

timex watch brand in india

Started in the year 1954, a USA brand Timex is worldwide famous for its watches. The brand every time brings a new feature in its watches which makes them trendy.

Its watch carries top quality and durable parts that provide you with excellent functioning. It manufactures watches of all categories, styles and for all age groups and genders.

Its watches are known for German engineering and Italian designs which give your whole look a bang and bring your personality ver well.

It offers watches of various kinds for different fields like fashion, adventure, fitness and many more.

4. Fossil

fossil watch brands

The most renowned brand Fossil brings you an amazing range of watches that will keep you mesmerizing and will make you willing to break the deal with them.

It is an American brand and hence carries an essence of American culture and style with it which makes it different from other brands. It acts as the best watch brands for men in India.

Also, Fossil is known for its leather, traditional and smartwatches. Its watches will bring out your attire very well as well as will support your confidence in a true manner.

It comes under the top 10 most popular brands of wristwatches in India as it is worth it.

The line up of Fossil are that are leading and top-selling fossil Q Wearables, Dean, Decker, Grant, Machine, Virginia, Jacqueline, Riley, Stella, Georgia, Sport, Stella, Pilot, and much more.

5. Citizen

citizen watch brands

Set up in the year 1918 and is a Japanese company. This company serves a worldwide demand for watches.

It is one of the most famous watch company and is one of the favorites in the Indian market.

Its watches carry amazing design and features which will keep you spellbound. Each and every watch is crafted with perfection and with good quality material which amazes you with its excellent performance.

With Citizen watches you will hold up that experience for which you have been waited for.

The brand is first to use solar panels in the watch with this feature you will not need to recharge the batteries or replace them with new ones as the batteries will get automatically charge with this feature. Watches equipped with this feature are known as Eco-drive watches.

The brand is known for its trendy designs with innovative technology and thus offer amazing chronograph, digital and analog watches. The brand is good with budget as it offers watches for all price ranges.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

tommy hilfiger watches

It is one of the most popular brands for watches worldwide as its watches are very sober, classy and rich-looking. They offer your attire a very smooth and elegant look due to its American cool style.

The straps as well the dials are made up of top quality material also they carry very vibrant colors which make then super attractive.

It’s every watch carries the classic metallic finish which offers it a cool appearance. It crafts watches for men, women, and children and of all categories.

The brand supports the interests of men, women, and children and therefore is very affordable.

7. Daniel Klein

daniel klein watches

The most renowned brand of all time for watches. The brand is worn and advertised by top actors, players, and businessmen.

Its watches bring out your personality in an amazing way and offers you excellent appearance. The brand wins the heart through its trendy, unique and sophisticated designs.

The watches with metal body and leather strap by Daniel Klein are an amazing choice as they are a mark of value, level, and choice.

The brand is very affordable and support all budget levels also its watches are manufactured with quality and very durable parts through the latest technology.

8. Maxima

maxima watches

It is one of the famous and the oldest brand for watches in the Indian market. There are many lovers for this brand as it is very affordable and is easy to wear and carry.

On the other hand, it has gained a lot of experience in crafting watches as the brand is in this field for many years therefore the quality and durability cannot be questioned.

It offers a very unique collection of watches for men, women, and kids which attracts them very easily.

Its couple collection is been loved by the customers as they are very attractive and gorgeous.

9. Giordano

Giordano watch brand in india

This brand is since 1981 and thus holds a lot of experience in crafting, designing and manufacturing watches.

It offers various kinds of watches like analog, chronograph, digital, automatic, quartz and much more of top designs. Its watches are very luxurious that give your collection a unique kick.

The watches offered by it are very trendy and classy that suits your personality as well as upgrade your style also brings all eyes on you. Also, it comes under the top 10 most popular brands of wristwatches in India.

Its straps, dials, and color of watches carry an extreme level of quality and durability thus acts as one of the best watch brand with which you should definitely go.


gucci watches

Everyone in this world is well known about brand GUCCI. Started in the year 1921 that brand has gained a lot of importance in worldwide markets and also is one of the best selling and leading for watches and in other fields too.

Its watches are a mark of value, status, and level. Its watches are very classy, sober ad trendy. Its watches take your whole look to another level.

Its each and every piece is hand finished also it is an Italian luxury brand that offers you an amazing experience with watches.

It is ranked the 38th most valuable brand In Forbes world’s most valuable watch brands list which is in itself a great achievement and remark.

We hope that you liked our post on the best watch brands in India that carries top-rated and leading watch brands.

Do not forget to comment on your views and reviews and also do mention your tried watch brands we will definitely add them in our upcoming posts.

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Q.1 Which brand is best for watches?

We cannot recommend any one of the brands for watches to be the best as all of the brands are unique and carry their own quality and charm.

Going with one brand depends upon the likes and dislikes also it depends upon the reason for which you are buying the watch.

Thus you can go with any of the watch brands you want according to your tastes and preference.

Q.2 Which is the No 1 watch company in India?

According to the market, Casio is the brand which is very popular and top-selling among various age groups.

It’s digital and sports watch are very trending among youngsters. On the other hand its subbrand G-Shock is doing very well in the market.

Q.3 Is Casio a good watch brand?

Casio is a Japanese watch brand that is very affordable and suits all price range. It offers excellent quality and durability to its watches.

Its subbrand offers an amazing series of sports and digital watches that carry carbon fiber that is 10 times stronger than iron.

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