Best Umbrella Brands In India 2021

best umbrella brands in india

The rainy season is going to approach us soon and therefore, we should be prepared for it before hand.

Umbrella is an all season device that is it can be used in any season whether it is a sunny day or heavy wind and rains or light snowfall. Best umbrella for heavy rain and wind is the umbrella which is waterproof, windproof,  should have strong hinges and a strong frame.

Umbrellas act as a very important device. The market has come up with various different kinds of umbrellas like foldable umbrellas, classic umbrellas, parasols, storm umbrellas, as well as of different colors, patterns, themes and many more and, thus offer you wide varieties of choices.

Always go with the umbrella that is branded and is good in quality as well as very durable and most importantly that fulfills all your requirement.

An umbrella should not only offer good performance but also be good in looks that complements your style statement.

Going with the best umbrella would act as a difficult job due to lots and lots of varieties available in the market, therefore we are here to solve this problem of yours by providing top umbrella brands that are very reliable and offers you umbrellas that are good in quality as well as in looks.

Best Umbrellas In India To Buy In 2020

Umbrella Brand's
Sun Umbrella
Popy Umbrella
Stag Umbrella
Jhon's Umbrella
Amazon Basics Umbrella

1. Sun Umbrellas:

Sun Umbrellas New Collection 2019

Sun is one of the most popular brands in India. As it offers great umbrellas with excellent quality. It lies among the biggest umbrella manufacturing companies.

It got established in the year 1880 and since then it has been providing the best umbrellas and till now completed its journey for 135 years as a reliable and faithful brand.

Sun umbrella’s carry great durability with awesome performing features. They have water proof fabric, molded handles, and shut frames that is very easy to handle.

They also carry a very unique feature of UV protected fabric which offer protection from harmful UV radiations.

The umbrellas of sun brand not only withhold there use in summer but in strong winds and heavy rains they are very useful due to there design and raw material they use in manufacturing process. Sun brand is one of the best quality brands umbrella in India.

Sun umbrella’s work with every season and thus can be used anytime. Each part of umbrellas is crafted with the finest quality materials so as to provide perfect performance.

The brand offers detail to each and every component of the umbrella as well as offer a wide range of umbrellas starting form outdoor umbrellas to fashion umbrellas. It also offers umbrellas of various sizes ranging from small to large.

2. Popy Umbrellas:

Popy Umbrellas for mens and women

Popy is one of the biggest brand and act as the largest competitor to other brands.

It got established in the year 1945 by Shri Thayyil Abraham Verghese as the St George Umbrella Mart and then in the year 1995 it started its company under brand name popy.

Popy umbrellas are awesome with quality and are crafted with top quality material that is all season fabric. It offers splendid performance with great durability.

Popy brand is a trustworthy and reliable brand and produces different kinds of umbrellas like folding umbrellas, classic umbrellas, bubble umbrellas, golf umbrellas and much more of different sizes ranging from small to large and also of various colors.

Its umbrellas carries folding feature and thus it makes it travel-friendly as they can easily be put inside a bag and can be carried easily.

They create umbrellas with the best features that are in an affordable rate. They produce their umbrellas according to trend and offer good looking umbrellas that company your style and confidence.

3. Stag Umbrellas:

best umbrella brands in india

The brand stag is one of the oldest brand of umbrellas. It was established by Ebrahim Currim & Sons in 1860s. This brand is very experienced in creating umbrellas that can be used in every season and are of good quality.

They offer umbrellas that carry various features with them. It is the biggest brand and produces total 130 kinds of umbrellas.

They time to time bring innovation in their umbrellas try their level best to offer full satisfaction and excellent service.

It is a trusted brand and creates various kinds of umbrellas that are very strong and sturdy. It offers different size range as well as crafts umbrellas in different beautiful colors.

Whether it is a classic umbrella, bubble umbrella, storm umbrella or any other umbrella, this brand will offer you any of them.

4. John’s Umbrellas:

John's Umbrellas For boys and girls

It is one of the leading brands and is crafting umbrellas for past 70 years. The brand manufactures quality umbrellas.

The brand offers amazing range of umbrellas that are that are top in quality and durability. They design umbrellas that are according to trend and fashion.

Their design all whether umbrellas, so that they can easily be used in every season. Their umbrellas ensure safety and durability first.

Every part of umbrellas are crafted with fine quality material as well as every umbrella goes through quality checks in every stage of production.

The brand offers the best umbrellas that give you excellent service and therefore it makes them worth for a buy.

5. Amazon Basics:

Amazon Basics Umbrellas

The brand got started in the year 2009 and since then it has been selling reliable products. Amazon basics offer you an amazing range of umbrellas that carry quality features with them.

Amazon basics umbrellas are designed in such a way that they can be easily used in any season. They are crafted with top quality material which makes umbrellas prevent from inverting due to heavy wind kicks.

It provides umbrellas that offer the best umbrella for sun protection.

The brand umbrellas carry auto-open mechanism. Its umbrellas canopy opens up automatically very easily just through the touch of a button.

Every umbrella carries very soft and comfortable handles that offer the easy gripping facility. Each umbrella carries compact size when they get folded and thus it makes travel-friendly.

6. Citizen Umbrellas:

Best Umbrella Under 1000

Citizen brand is one of the oldest umbrella manufacturing brand, set up in Kolkata. The brand is growing day by day and is coming up with innovative products.

The brand crafts each and every part of umbrella with top quality material. The brand main motive is to offer complete user satisfaction and total value for money.

Its umbrellas carry top features with them and offer excellent service. They are very durable and affordable too. The brand offers the best umbrellas under 1000 rupees.

They craft their umbrellas through high quality fabric yarn as well as offer awesome range of umbrellas, colors and sizes. This is the only brand in India that manufactures umbrella cloth.

They design their umbrellas in such an innovative way which makes them stylish in looks as well as an all whether umbrellas and very affordable.

7. Fendo umbrellas:

Best Umbrellas Under Rs 500

The brand is manufacturing umbrellas in India since 1969. The brand offers amazing range of umbrellas like printed umbrellas, classic umbrellas, storm umbrellas, bubble umbrellas and much more.

They manufacture umbrellas of different colors, sizes as well as for kids, men and women.

The umbrellas are crafted with top quality material and are very durable and strong. The brand always bring innovation in their umbrellas.

They not only create umbrellas of excellent performance but also that are good in looks.

Every umbrella gets created with finest quality material. The umbrellas offered by this brand is worth buying.

8. Cheeky Chunk Umbrellas:

Cheeky Chunk White Umbrella

The brand started initially in the year 2014. This brand offers a splendid range of umbrellas.

They craft umbrellas with top quality material and offer great durability. They craft amazing designer umbrellas.

They come up with new ideas and manufacture umbrellas with unique designs. Its umbrellas carry good opening mechanism as well as a sturdy and strong metal frame,

Their umbrellas carry bright colors as well as they design their umbrellas on unique themes and topics.

9. Murano Umbrellas:

Murano Umbrellas In India

Murano is one of the known and biggest selling brand in India. They offer great varieties of umbrellas.

They design their umbrellas according to the latest trend and fashion. Their umbrellas are not only excellent with service but also good in looks.

Murano crafts its umbrellas with top quality fabric and steel. Its umbrellas are very durable and affordable too.

They manufacture umbrellas that carry top features and are very lightweight and thus are travel-friendly.

They have easy gripping facility and are very easy to handle and carry. This brand offers the best umbrellas under 500 rupees.

10. Fab Seasons Umbrellas :

Fab Seasons Umbrellas

Fabseasons offers all weather umbrellas that are top in performance. This brand offers umbrellas that fulfill total satisfaction.

Fabseasons umbrellas has splendid features that make them different from others. They come in various beautiful prints and colors as well as sizes.

They carry a perfect opening mechanism as well as are very easy to use and carry. The brand creates big size umbrellas as well as small size umbrellas.

They bring innovation in their umbrellas so that it can satisfy the users. They craft good looking umbrellas that company your style and suits you.

They manufacture umbrellas with superior quality material and thus it makes it durable as well as strong and sturdy.

11. Asera Umbrellas:

Asera Umbrellas For Girls And Boys

Asera brand offers you an amazing range of stylish umbrellas manufactured with top quality. Its umbrellas are one of the best selling umbrellas.

The brand provides various kinds of umbrellas of beautiful designs and of different bright colors as well as in different sizes.

The umbrellas are very comfortable and easy to use and carry. They go with your style and adds more to your look statement.

Due to the mechanism, its umbrellas are very strong as well as sturdy and are very durable. The brand umbrellas are worth to break the deal with as it carries splendid features.

Umbrella Buying Guide:

1. Size: Size plays a very important role before going for the buy. You should always keep in mind the size that you require.

Various top brands offer various sizes ranging from smallest to largest. The size of umbrella depends upon person to person and for which purpose he or she is buying the umbrella.

2. Durability: Always go with the umbrella that offers great durability. Durable umbrellas offer great lifetime and thus can be used for a long period of time.

Break the deal with branded umbrellas as they act as a mark of durability.

3. Budget: Before looking for umbrellas and breaking the deal with them always keep in mind the budget.

Go with those umbrellas that provides the best features under your budget. Top brands provide splendid range of umbrellas that suit all budgets.

4. Purpose: Before going with the umbrella first know your requirement and the purpose of buying umbrella then go for a buy, this will help you to easily select the best umbrella for you that will fulfill all your requirements and will suit you the best.

5. Style: Always go with the style that suits you the most and is according to your likes and dislikes. Various brands offer different styles of umbrellas like storm umbrella, bubble umbrella, classic umbrella, printed umbrella, and much more.

6. Comfortability: See that the umbrella with which you are going for is comfortable to use and carry otherwise it will discomfort you where ever you go.

Look a umbrella having good gripping facility as well as that is easy to carry and use.

7. Transport: Go with the umbrellas that are of compact size which makes them easy to carry.

Compact size umbrellas get fit in a small place and thus makes them an easy to carry.

8. Canopy: Go with the umbrella whose canopy is waterproof which will save you from getting wet during rains as well as look for strong and sturdy canopy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which is the best umbrella brand in India?

We can’t say any one brand to be the best because each brand is best in its own way and all of them provide top quality umbrellas. Therefore here are names of some best umbrella brands:

  • Sun umbrellas.
  • Citizen umbrellas.
  • Popy umbrellas.
  • John’s umbrellas.

2. Which is the best umbrella brand?

Some of the best umbrella brands are:

  • Repel umbrellas.
  • Samsonite umbrellas.
  • LifeTex umbrellas.

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