Best Leggings Brands In India

Best Leggings Brands In India

Gone is the era when women wear uncomfortable clothes to look beautiful. The new era consists of strong women who look stylish, sexy, beautiful, trendy, smart, fantastic, adorable etc. 🙂 while looking beautiful with their other attires. Leggings nowadays become more popular and used more by women in their day to day life, thus we thought about the women and come with the idea of introducing some of the best legging brands in India.

There are different types of leggings to cover different occasions in the life of women with the additional cherry of comfortness. So choose from some best leggings brands for Best Comfort, Stretch & Style according to your need.

These versatile and stylish leggings can be worn by women on different occasions like athletic leggings to exercise, luxury designer leggings for a casual night out, or comfortable leggings every day.

The best leggings are those that offer the perfect balance of quality, shape, comfort, style, and price. Well, seeking the market opportunity in the apparel industries many good brands came forward to provide quality products and optimized costs. Thus allowing the customer to choose from lots of available good options which match with their needs. Usually, Best Leggings & Jeggings Brands for Women in India are almost the same apparel brands.

Some of the Best Legging Brands In India are listed below :

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Best Brand For Leggings In India

1. Adidas

Addidas is a famous brand when it comes to sneakers but Stella McCartney’s famous sports performance collection includes leggings for the gym, yoga, tennis, cycling, or hiking and almost for every occasion.

Their commitment to sustainability is evident throughout their collection as their new line uses recycled plastic found on beaches to reduce ocean waste. It can be sound weird but those leggings woven with plastic are ultra-breathable and perfect for intense workouts while looking classy. They make good workout leggings.

2. Nike

Talking about sports apparel and we don’t talk about Nike, we didn’t justify the discussion. Ranging from size 0 to 4X to maternity. Nike leggings are the go-to option for women providing lots of shades and patterns

The brand also makes leggings with materials like Nike Infinalon for stretchy movement without restrictions, Dri-FIT for quick sweat evaporation, AeroAdapt for temperature optimization, and Pro Therma for perfect insulation. Nike uses sustainable materials in some of its leggings like recycled polyester.

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 is a brand that guarantees elegant and classy style. Grade up your outfit by wearing this brand legging. It offers leggings ranging from the occasion and different styles.

By using this brand you can make your jogging time or party night fabulous by giving space to the leggings by forever 21 in your wardrobe and it becomes your best bet for all the times when you are in dire need of it. 😉 They make well-printed leggings.

4. Lyra

It is a sub-brand of the Lux industry. Lyra leggings are made from cotton basically by mixing them with other polymers. It is available in various colours, sizes and types and adds a touch of exclusivity to your look.

It offers comfortable leggings at a very pocket-friendly price. Its wide range of solid design is the reason for its effortless style which add an appeal to the entire attire. Besides that, the brand is famous for its feminine fashion the right way.

5. Biba

A brand doesn’t need any introduction as it is the most well-known style brand for ladies and young ladies in India. A Delhi based brand working good in the industry and earned its today value. It also provides a wide range of leggings in various sizes and colours. They make leggings and kurti for girls.

6. W For Woman

Again the in-house brand of India takes responsibility to make India stylish and trendy. When you are in need to dress up formal occasions bet on this brand.

The styles are available in different colour combinations that can glam up your outfit. Thus give a place to them in your wardrobe and feel the magic of comfortness loaded with a sense of style. They have a wide range of coloured leggings.

7. Puma

PUMA is a famous sports brand that provides ultra form-fitting leggings which are designed to perform and function nicely. All PUMA leggings have flatlock stitching which reduced friction and add comfort, its fabric mesh provides maximum breathability.

The brand’s unique multi-stretch fabric delivers freedom of movement and regulates body temperature to ensure you stay cool during your workout. They make good spandex leggings.

8. PI World

PI world a well-renowned brand doesn’t require any introduction. It is Mumbai registered office and a private firm. They offer leggings with 95% cotton and 5% lycra in the fabric. They are good in quality and offer various different shades with good prices and sometimes good discounts.

9. Comfort Soft

As the name suggests they are determined to bring comfort through softness. They provide different colours in leggings in different types and textures. They offer leggings with a blend of cotton and lycra in different depositions.

10. Only

A brand that depicts every woman and their need to look awesome on every occasion. Each item created with the brand has this special ONLY feeling to it. It gives a twist of feminine strength, confidence, and style to the owner with the latest trends.

The figure-flaunting skinny design leggings come with excellent comfort for fashionable women. So girls try it and Are sexy and sophisticated by doing only one thing by owning ONLY. 😉 They offer one of the best quality leggings.

Some other brands:

There are some more brands that also providing good quality and price in the legging section. Doller missy, Pamo, De Moza, Sakhi sang, N-Gal, Kook N Keech etc. Some of the brands provide transparent leggings as well so if u want to buy them you should check them before buying them.

Buyer’s Guide

There are different leggings for different occasions so one has to choose wisely according to the situation mix and match to look classy and elegant at the same time. Some important points are taken into account below.

Legging Length

There are three main length types from which you can choose from

Full length:  Full-length leggings are daily worn leggings as they continue to the bottom of your leg

7/8 length: These leggings length above the ankle and below the calf.

Capri length: It reaches below the knee, around mid-calf offering more coverage than shorts. They give more breathability.

Legging Fit

There are two types

Mid-rise: It comes just below the belly button.

High-rise: They run at or over the belly button.


There are various materials you can choose depending upon one need and occasion of use

Cotton: The cotton leggings strength is good but cotton can drop its shape over time if stretched as well as it loses its colours easily. It also does not wick dampness well.

Synthetics: Synthetic elements includes nylon, spandex, polyester type of material. These materials often have moisture-wicking features. They don’t have enough shape memory though they are not as delicate as cotton

Combination: Some leggings may have a cotton-synthetic combination thus, includes benefits of both the material. More difficult fabrics are beneficial for colder temperatures. Meanwhile, lightweight fabrics are great options for humidity or during doing exercises.


They can have some features according to their uses.

Pockets: Demand for getting a pair of leggings with pockets is becoming more in need rather than a trend and if they have they have zippers then it is more than a good thing.

Waistband: This is a common characteristic demanded by athletes and can better keep their leggings in place.

Seams: Some pattern leggings with shaped seaming to which not only support and enhance your body shape but look stylish.

Design: They came in various designs so choose wisely what looks fashionable and nice according to the event.


1. What is legging?

Ans: It is tight-fitting bottom wear that has a classic range of colours making it really easy and comfortable to wear.

2. Are leggings and tights are same?

Ans: Well, leggings and tights are not the same things, as tights are the bottom wear that is more delicate and transparent, than leggings.

3. What is jegging?

Ans: Jeans + Leggings = Jeggings. They provide the appearance of jeans with the encouragement of leggings.

4. What is tregging?

Ans: Trousers + Leggings = Treggings. They provide the look of trousers with the convenience of leggings.

5. Do leggings come insufficient variety?

Ans: Leggings come in thousands of different shades, hundreds of prints and a lot of different types.

6. Can someone wear leggings in all seasons?

Ans: Yes, you can wear leggings in all seasons. In summer, and you can pair your leggings with a t-shirt or light top. In winter, you can pair your leggings with a cardigan.


We hope that you liked our post on the best legging brands in India that carries leading top leggings brands in India.

Do not forget to comment on your views and reviews and also do mention your tried anyone of the above brand we will definitely add them in our upcoming posts.

And last but not the least, wear clothes in which you are comfortable and match according to situation and event then walk like you own this world. 😉

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