Best Helmets Under ₹500 – ₹1000

Best Helmets Under ₹500 - ₹1000

Safety comes first in every sector. Recently helmets have gained a lot of importance through various reasons some of them are – awareness towards general as well as road safety, strict rules and regulation by the government and much more.

The best helmets under 500- 1000 are best to have as those are affordable as well as are offered by top-selling and leading brands. Also, all of them carry perfect and quality features.

Helmets play a very major role and perform many activities like safeguarding our heads from dangerous accidents, also protecting our face from polluted air that carries harmful dust and smoke and also offers safe drive during winters and rainy season.

There is a need for helmets due to the increasing number of accidents. There are varieties of different kinds of helmets are available that suit the interest as well as needs and demands of yours.

Best helmets for daily use can be found easily by following buying guide for helmets. Now the use of helmets are not only increased on daily basis because of rto rules but aesthetically some brand’s successfully captured the interest of youth and make it trending among youths

Since in market, various helmets are available by different brands it is hard to make a choice among them and get the best that you want therefore we are here with our post on the best helmets under 500-1000 that provide you the best helmets from leading brands and will remove you problem of choosing and selecting from unlimited various options. Here there are India’s best lightweight helmets and best off road helmets are compiled together.

NOTE:- The prices of the helmets change and are changed by the online shopping sites, thus before going with the buy do refer to the helmet price and then break the deal.

Things to Remember Before Buying Helmet in India:

Before buying any product a person always thought about the need for buying it. A person without jeopardizing the safety of him/her need some features as well that work as a cherry on the top of the cake thus some features that should be taken into consideration before buying protective headgear:

1) Weight: Helmet’s weight should not be bothersome to the user, necessity here is not for feather-like weight but not so much heavy that one feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

2) Purpose: The purpose of buying the helmet must be clear, one should not wear an Off-road helmet while riding on a normal road.

3) Visor: The visor is the part of helmet which allow user to see ahead and protect user vision, thus there is a need of visor which should be scratch-resistant and aid proper vision of user.

4) Ventilation: Helmet should have good ventilation spots for regulated airflow.

5) Fitting: Use a measuring tape to measure your head and match the numbers with the size chart mentioned online. The proper fitting is more important for those who wear spectacles, thus find your perfect size before buying any helmet.

6) Cushioning: The cushioning ensures that the helmet fits perfectly on the head of user while riding the bike. It offers adequate comfort, soft and spongy.

7) Retention: It means for how long one can wear the helmet comfortably and its position doesn’t changes despite any crest or trough. There is one way to check whether the helmet is correct or not strap the helmet comfortably and pull it a bit from the back to check if it moves, It shouldn’t move and while doing so it shouldn’t be uncomfortable either.

8) Vision: Helmet shouldn’t block peripheral vision and shouldn’t provide any blind spot for the user.

9) Balance: Select a helmet that have the right balance between price affordability, aesthetic appeal, and comfortness without jeopardizing safety factor obviously.

10) Certification: Check the quality certification before buying any helmet of any brand. Helmets have the following certifications there is ISI (Indian Standards Institute), DOT (Department of Transportation, American), ECE (Economic Commission of Europe), and Snell (standards by Snell Memorial Foundation). 

If you have more budget then please check the best helmets under 2000 rupees post.

Top 10 Best Helmets Under Rs 1000 In India:

1. Vega Cliff CLF-LK-M Full Face Helmet (Black, M)

best helmets under 1000 rs

Vega is a known brand for helmets. It offers top quality and durable helmets that offer you excellent safety performance.

This helmet is very comfortable to wear, handle and carry. Also, it offers you a snug fit that ensures proper fitting of the head.

Its outer shell is made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and has a soft padding in its inner side that offers durability, stability, and comfort.

It is a very lightweight helmet, it weighs only 800 grams and therefore it is very easy to carry and wear.

This helmet is approved by ISI standard thus safety, comfort and durability do not come in doubt.

Its whole body is made up of tough ABS material that can withstand the hardest of the conditions also its visor is scratch-resistant.

The whole appearance of this helmet is stylish, trendy and innovative. It suits your personality as well as offer you an excellent experience.

2. Steelbird SB-50 Adonis Dashing Black with Plain Visor,600mm

Steelbird helmets under rs 1000

This helmet by Steelbird carries a smart and innovative design as well as its graphics which offers you a trendy and dashing look for yourself.

Its outer body is made up of ABS material and also includes a high impact grade of thermoplastic which makes it more sturdy, durable and more strong and thus safeguards your head from harmful accidents.

Its visor carries a multi-positioning feature which helps you to adjust it in any way you want according to your comfort ness.

It covers your whole face and thus ensures more safety on roads. Its ventilation and quick release chin strap mechanism offer you complete comfort while riding.

Even its inner padded area is occupied with treated anti-allergic velveteen that does not react with any component.

3. Vega Off Road OR-D/V-DK_M Motocross Helmet (Dull Black, M)

vega off road helmet

This helmet is one of the best helmet that is excellent with structure, style, and design. It suits your personality very well. In India Vega’s off road helmet is best in it’s range under 1000 rupees.

It has a detachable as well as a washable interior that makes it an easily usable helmet. Also, it has a great ventilation system which ensures comfortable rides.

It is an ISI approved helmet thus quality and durability do not come under any doubt. Inculcated with advanced CAD technology it provides you great comfort.

It has very good ratings and reviews and is loved and preferred by all riders who love and live for riding.

4. Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_BLKL Open Face Helmet (Black, L)

Studds helmets under 1000 rs

It is a very affordable and sober-looking helmet also is the best that you can get under this budget from this brand.

Its outer shell is made up of a special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic which makes it more strong, durable and comfortable.

The visors are made up of polycarbonate with duly silicon hard coating which makes it scratch-resistant and strong. Also, its liners are replaceable and removable.

Its anti-allergic velveteen padding, quick release chinstrap mechanism, and good ventilation system make it very appropriate.

5. Vega Crux CRX-W-M Flip-up Helmet (White, M)

Best vega helmets

This helmet by Vega is a very unique one and is very affordable. Its unique style influences people and makes it more attractive. This helmet acts as the best daily use helmet.

Its whole body is designed with quality material that can go through the toughest of the circumstances and absorb the hardest of the shocks.

It is light weighted, it weighs 1.5kg only and its inner padding is very comfortable. Due to both of these features, it makes it an ideal helmet for you.

The helmet is ISI approved thus there is no doubt related to quality, stability, and durability. It is very easy to wear and offers you a snug fit which ensures comfortable riding.

Its outer surface carries a matte finish and offers you excellent performance and experience with which you will fall in love.

6. Steelbird SBA-1 Free Live Matt White with Orange with Smoke visor,580mm

New steelbird helmets for men

It is one of the most beautiful, trendy and is a helmet with the best design. Its graphics and texture on the outer area are of good quality as well as suit your personality very well.

It is easy to use and carry as it is very durable also it has ISI certification therefore the comfortability and all other basic features do not come into any question.

Its outer material is made up of ABS material which makes it more strong and gives it a good shock-absorbing feature.

The air booster system in the upper area of the helmet ensures full ventilation which provides easy and comfortable rides it includes air intake from chin guard, frontal area, top area, and rear extractors that recycles the air inside the helmet.

It has a scratch-resistant visor which is very powerful and strong and saves the full face from harmful injury and dust.

7. Royal Enfield Matt Black Open Face with Peak Helmet Size (M)58 CM (RRGHEI000078)

Royal Enfield helmets under 1000

The most popular brand for bikes, helmets and many more riding products. It comes up with this amazing and unique styled helmet for riders.

It is an open face helmet and does not carry any visor thus it covers up only the head area and the sides of the face.

The helmet is ISI and DOT certified since it is double certified from both of the standards the quality and durability do not come in question.

It is very lightweight and weighs only 850 grams thus it is easy to wear and carry. Also, its parts are easily removable and washable.

Its outer shell is made up of single unit fiberglass which has great absorption quality and thus absorbs the hardest of the shocks during major accidents.

Its sun peak outer area is made up of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrenea (ABS) material that makes it very strong and durable.

8. Studds Chrome Eco Helmet Black (XL)

studds latest helmets

Studds is the most popular brand for helmets. It is known for its quality as well as durability.

It presents you this amazing helmet that has every quality feature in it. It is a full-face helmet that is it covers and secures your face from injuries. It carries a textured outer surface that gives it a trendy look.

It is made up of high-grade engineering thermoplastic that makes the outer shell very strong and scratch-resistant.

Through its chin strap working, the chin strap is easy to remove and release also it fits properly to your head and thus ensures you full comfortability.

Its visor are made up of injected polycarbonate with silicone hard coat that prevents it from scratches and offers it more stability and durability.

9. Vega Cruiser Open Face Helmet (Dull Black, M)

Vega Cruiser Open Face Helmet

This helmet by the brand Vega is one of the best helmet that you can get under this budget.

It carries top ratings and reviews hence it is loved and approved by most of the customers.

It is a quality product and very light weighted hence it is very easy to wear and carry whereas it is very comfortable too due to its excellent material that is used in its manufacturing.

It has a silent chin strap lock which helps in easy removal and wearing of the helmet.

The helmet has approved by and is according to the ISI standard, therefore safety and quality both do not come under any doubt.

It is an open face helmet by Vega that is it covers your face till the edges of and does not cover it fully, on the other hand, it carries a very smart and stylish look with it.

10. STUDDS Dude Unisex Adult Helmet, Large (Black)

STUDDS Dude Unisex Adult Helmet

Studd brings you this amazing unisex helmet that suits and can be worn by both men and women. It acts as the best scooty helmets for ladies.

It is very light and comfortable thus it is very easy to wear, carry and store. Also, it offers you a perfect fitting due to which it enables you an easy and comfortable ride.

It is manufactured with top quality material and has a good finishing that gives it a stylish look. For more comfort, it has a good ventilation mechanism which offers you a trouble-free ride.

It comes with a removable cheek pad feature which helps you to customize your helmet according to your need any time and anywhere. Whereas its inner padding is made up of anti-allergic velveteen that does not react with any element and thus keeps you away from any allergy.

A long visor that is scratch resistant due to its polycarbonate material that is duly silicon hard coated, it helps to safeguard the face from pollution and harmful smoke also it protects the face from serious injuries.


We hope that you liked our post on the best bike helmets for men and women under 500-1000, which included helmets from the top and leading brands like Studds, Vega, Steelbird, Royal Enfield and much more that are ISI approved and also are of different categories like open-face and full-face helmets which are best for bikes, bullets and scooty.

Do not forget to comment on your views and reviews, also do mention your tried helmets which we will definitely include in our upcoming posts. Also, share our post with your friends and family on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter through the share button below.

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