Best Helmet Brands in India

best helmet brands in india

When riding safety comes first, especially when you are a regular rider. Helmets are a very essential safety instrument while riding that saves us from harmful injuries.

Helmets act as a safeguard to our skull as well as to our brain. They must always be of good quality material and should be very durable too as it ensures a goof life of helmet and increases its usage years.

Therefore it is very important to go with the helmet that is comfortable, easy to fit and use as safety plus comfort driving is also important.

With the implementation of strict road safety rules, people are getting more aware of their safety and thus the percentage of people wearing helmets while riding has been increased simultaneously.

Going with a branded helmet ensures good quality, durability, more safety, and comfort while riding as they carry a standard for each part of the helmet as well as for the material that has been used in the manufacturing.

As the market is growing there are a lot of brands coming up but few of them are up to the mark and offer you excellent performance, therefore we are here with the best helmet brands in India that will help you to get branded helmets for yourself and will remove the difficulty of choosing among various brands.

The brands added are top leading and selling also their products are ISI certified and thus safety and quality would never be questioned.

If you want to see some of the top selected helmets under your pocket-friendly budget then please do refer to these posts:

Best Helmets Brands In India:

1. Vega Check Best Price
2. SteelbirdCheck Best Price
3. StuddsCheck Best Price
4. LS2Check Best Price
5. THHCheck Best Price
6. Wrangler Check Best Price
7. Royal Enfield Check Best Price
8. Aerostar Check Best Price
9. HJC Check Best Price
10. Shoei Check Best Price
11. Gliders Check Best Price
12. Autofy Check Best Price


vega best helmet brands in india

Vega is one of the leading and most popular brand for helmets and has been serving the Indian market since 1994, almost more than 60 percent of Indian population love, wear and recommend Vega brand helmets.

Its head office is situated at Belgaum City of Karnataka in India. Its helmets are very durable and also made of quality material.

The brand designs its helmets according to the trend and with the latest technology. The brand’s main aim is to offer full safety with comfortability, thus its helmets carry various amazing features like an anti-scratch visor, internal padded body and much more.

Its helmets can absorb the strongest of the shocks and therefore prevent you from injurious accidents.

The brand designs helmets that suit all kinds of bikes. Some of its helmets are off-road helmets, open face helmets, modular helmets, full-face helmets and much more.

The brand is not only the leading manufacturer of helmets but also leads in other different items like parts, liners, head wraps, shields, bungee nets and many more.

Its each and every helmet are ISI and DOT certified, also they suit every budget.

2. Steelbird

steelbird helmet brand

Founded in the year 1964 on 13th march and hence Steelbird is in the helmet manufacturing field for more than 50 years and therefore carries a lot of experience in designing the helmets.

It is the oldest helmet manufacturing company and hence the quality and durability of the products do not come into question.

It brings you various different styles of helmets that suit various bike types and also are very budget-friendly. It offers you a wide range that suits every budget.

Its helmets are easily available on online shopping sites and in your near helmet markets. It offers helmets like full face, half face, modular, flip-up and many more.

The company is not only leading manufacture of helmets but also of products like guard kits, shoe covers, gloves, knee guards, jackets, leg guards and much more.

The company also deals with some of the government agencies as it is the oldest and most trusted brand.

Also, its helmets carry basic features like anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-fog.


studds helmet

The most known brand for helmets, this brand is known by each and everyone as it is known for its performance and experience.

It carries two brands under it that are Studds helmets and SMK helmets. It not only offers its helmets in India but in other 36 countries sell its products and hence is one of the largest seller and manufacturer of helmets.

Its helmets are known for their durability, quality, and design. Its products are made available to the Indian market through shipping.

They design their products by keeping in mind the safety as well as the demands and needs of the customers or users.

Its range of helmets carries open face, full face, flip-off full face, off-road full-face helmets and many more.

4. LS2

ls2 best helmet brand in india

Created in the year 1990 and founded by Arthur Liao and thus has 25 years of experience in this field. The brand deals with the manufacturing of premium helmets.

The brand is known for its design, style, and various helmet models. It acts as one of the best stylish helmet brand.

It is known for the summer and sport collection helmets as they are the best with style, graphics, and quality.

It offers you excellent luxurious style helmets that suit every budget also those helmets which are very trendy.

Under this brand, the production of the helmet takes place within three ways that are- polycarbonate, carbon fiber, and composite bars.

Its helmets are very lightweight and comfortable. The helmets come with certain outstanding features like removable and washable comfort liner, clear visor and much more.

The brand is most popular in the market and thus many manufactures do unfair means and manufacture helmet copy with the same brand name and those helmets are of inferior quality and thus they cheat customers therefore before buying the helmet see that the seller is a verified seller or not.

5. THH

It is a Taiwan based company that started in the year 2014. Its full form is Ton Ho Hsing (THH). The brand is known for its quality and also for the latest technology that it uses for manufacturing like carbon fiber kevlar.

Its products carry top quality, durability, as well as style and also all its helmets, are very trendy.

The designs are constructed through 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis. It’s all products carry an ISO 9001:2015 certification thus there is no doubt with the durability of the helmets.

The brand serves most of the countries like Australia, Europe, Japan and much more, with its products and is worldwide famous.

The brand is very affordable and available very easily.

6. Wrangler

best helmet brands in india

An American brand since 1904 and one of the top-selling and leading helmet brand of all time.

The brand is popular for its premium, durable, affordable and quality helmets. Its helmets suit every budget and thus are budget-friendly.

In the manufacturing process, they use modern casting methods and customized product development facilities.

The brand not only offers you various types of helmets like full face, half face, open, bulletproof helmets and much more but also bike accessories of amazing quality too.

7. Royal Enfield

royal enfield helmet

Whoo does not know about this brand, it is the most famous brand of this new era and is the symbol of status, level, style, and money.

Royal Enfield helmets work best with Royal Enfield bikes but also suit other bikes too. They have a classy design that takes it looks on to the other level.

Its helmets are very affordable and easily available online and in your near buy markets. On the other hand, they are very stylish as well as trendy.

The brand mainly manufactures and offers excellent quality open face helmets that are very comforting.

8. Aerostar

best helmet brands

A known Indian brand of helmets being in the industry for more than 24 years, its industry is set up in the Bhiwadi industrial area near Delhi airport, a very famous industrial area.

The brand gained a lot of importance due to its good quality and durable products. Also, with a good amount of experience they try to bring new features and changes in their products so as to make them up to the mark.

Its price range is very cheap. The brand with low cost brings you helmets that carry top features with them. They act as the best low budget helmets.

Its products are ISO certified and carry ISI Hallmark with them thus doubt on the quality and durability part never should be made.

The company not only manufactures helmets but it also manufactures bike accessories like side boxes, locking devices and many more.

9. HJC

hjc popular helmet brand

The brand is leading the market of helmets since 1992 and is in the industry for more than 50 years and has a lot and lot of experience with it.

It is known for its unique features in their helmets as well as for innovation and for innovative features.

The brand serves most of the large countries like Europe, America, Korea and many more. It brings you amazingly styled helmets that are very comfortable and easy to use.

It is a very affordable brand and is one of the best brand that you can have under a certain budget.

10. Shoei

best helmets brand in india

It is a Japanese company and is since 1959 and from that time the brand is offering amazing helmets that are excellent with performance as well as with experience.

It is the oldest helmet manufacturing brand in the world and in the mid-1970s it was the first brand to launch carbon fiber helmets.

Its helmets are very premium, stylish and trendy looking. It designs helmets for both men and women. Also, its helmets are very safe to use and offer excellent safety on roads too.

It manufactures various kinds of helmets like full face and open face helmets.

gliders helmet

11. Gliders

Its helmets are very safe to wear and are very affordable too. They are a mix of both style and trend.

The helmets are designed under the supervision of skilled and technical experts that initiate proper designing and manufacturing of helmets.

It offers you a variety of helmets like open face, full face, motocross, flip-up helmets, and many more and even many bike accessories too.

Also not only different varieties but also of different styles and colors.

12. Autofy

Autofy helmet india

Its helmets are of supreme and premium quality. It uses highly durable and sturdy polycarbonate material for the outer surface of the helmet.

The helmets carry high quality and amazing features with it like a retractable visor and much more.

It is a very affordable and easily available brand in the market. Also, it suits all budget levels.

We hope that you liked our post on best helmet brands in India where we added top-selling and leading brands of helmets like Studds, Steelbird, VEGA and many more, that was excellent with quality, durability, and safety and also they carried amazing features with them.

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