Best Electric Bicycles In India

Best Electric Bicycles In India

In the era of growing technology and also coming up of fitness awareness among folks, electric bicycles are gaining importance constantly.

The demand for the best electric bicycles in India is increasing continuously as they come up with many benefits like it increases the metabolism rate, keeps your heart rate normal and most importantly it keeps you fit.

Electric cycles are a new model of fitness. Electric cycles in India run on a battery charge system, these cycles carry lithium-ion batteries that need to be charged, they are easily chargeable. In India, they are also known as e-cycle.

As compared to a normal and basic bicycle electronic bicycles carry many hi-tech features with them, electric bicycles help you to know how many kilometers you traveled, at which level you want to ride the bicycle and much more.

Electric bicycles carry many health benefits with them. They act best for old citizens as it requires less effort for paddling as compared to normal bicycles, also they are best for people who have some kind of injuries and can not do tough exercises.

So, here we are with some best electric cycles in India from the latest, leading and top selling brands of electric cycles.

The cycles listed below will offer you the best cycling experience that you have never had before and will also make you fit and healthy and also includes folding electric bicycle too.

Top Selling Best Electric Cycles In India

1. Elektron Hybrid Bicycle

elektron bicycle

Electron is one of the most popular brand known for electronic bicycles. The brand brings you this amazing hybrid cycle. This is one of the best electric bicycles in India.

The cycle carries a stylish and trendy look. The color is very vibrant and attractive. It has top features with it, that makes it different from other electronic cycles.

It is the best selling electric bicycle in India.

ELECTRON M368 Cycle Features


  • This cycle carries top ratings and reviews based on its working, quality, and durability.
  • It is very easy to use and assemble and offers you the best riding experience that you always wanted to experience.
  • Its frameset is made up of aluminum alloy 6061, whereas its front fork suspension is also fully manufactured from top quality aluminium.
  • The rims of the wheels are made up of aluminium alloy double wall, this ensures durability and long working.
  • The electronic cycle carries all its features in its handle area and thus this makes it easy to use and handy e-bicycle.
  • It has shifters of SHIMANO SL-TX30, 7 Speed and is very easy to shift and use.
  • Also, it has rear derailleur of SHIMANO RD-TZ50.
  • Its front derailleur comes with Single Speed and both crankset and bottom bracket are made up of aluminium.
  • This e-cycle has a top speed of total of 25 km/hr.
  • It carries a digital ODO meter that displays speed, distance, and battery information.
  • Its motor is 250W brushless with 35NM torque.
  • Its battery life can be expected to be 800 charge cycles or 5 years.
  • Its pedal assist system reduces the effort of peddling and also comes with 3 modes that are eco, city, and sport.
  • Its concerned battery takes a total time of 4 to 5 hours to get charge.


  • It is very easy to use and drive. It has an ergonomic height adjustable saddle that offers a comfortable ride.
  • It has top quality mudguards that save cycle from dirt, dust, and mud.
  • It has god gripping paddles that ensure safety from injuries and accidents.
  • The e-cycle can handle 100 kgs of maximum weight.
  • Its battery is inbuilt which saves the battery from damage, robbery, and explosion due to environmental issues.
  • It carries strong and instant brakes.
  • Its wires are all insulated and have all plugs waterproof.
  • It is an all weather e-bicycle that is it can be used in any season and also it comes with an LED light and a horn.

2. Swagtron SWAGCYCLE Envy Folding Electric Bicycle E-Bike 200W Steel Frame, Automatic Headlight – Reach 10 mph; 120Kg Max Load (White)

Swagtron SWAGCYCLE Envy Folding Electric Bicycle

The brand Swagtron brings you this unique folding e-bicycle that comes with loads and loads of splendid features. It is a folding electric bicycle.

You can easily carry and ride this e-cycle where ever you want and where ever you go. It is one of the fastest electric bicycle.

It is also a best budget electric bicycle.


  • It is a very lightweight e-cycle and is very easy to drive.
  • It is foldable and therefore it gets fit in any small area, whereas on the other hand, it has a very strong steel frame, that ensures durability.
  • It can handle up to 120 kgs of weight.
  • It carries a strong and quality 36V lithium-ion battery, a fully charged battery gives a drive up to 15 kilometers.
  • Its battery takes a total of 3 to 5 hours to get charged totally.
  • Its stylish handle carries all the features which make it easy to use even when you are riding the e-cycle.
  • Through this stylish handle, you can easily control the acceleration, braking system, battery level, light, and as well as the horn.
  • It is a IPS4 certified and water-resistant this feature makes it an all weather e-cycle, that is you can use it in any weather easily.
  • Its white color is very vibrant and attractive.
  • Its horn sound is very bold and alerting as well as it also carries good quality LED automatic headlight.
  • It runs on maximum speed of 16 km/hour.
  • This e-cycle is also equipped with a USB charging port feature that helps you to charge your mobile phones and other devices with the help of it at any time you want.

3. LightSpeed Glyd (2019) – Electric Bicycle | Lightweight | Lithium-ion Battery Operated Cycle for Long Range

lightspped glyd e cycle

The brand describes its e-cycle to be fitness, fun and fast commute. It is an e-cycle with the quality building. It is one of the cheap electric bicycle that you can have.

It is very lightweight and easy to use as well as carry, It is one of the best e-cycle you will get as it offers all key features to you.


  • This e-cycle is meant for every occasion as well as it suits all kinds of terrains.
  • It has 250W 32Nm battery, it comes encased in a bottle case that protects it from water and other external things.
  • The battery can be easily removed from the case and can be charged conveniently and easily, also it gets charged fully in a total of 3 hours.
  • It has 3 levels of pedal boost system that helps you to apply less external force to the pedals.
  • It carries quality and very durable display, that helps you to know about every setting and certain levels related to the e-cycle like battery level, total kilometers traveled and much more.
  • This e-cycle carries e-brakes that are very effective and efficient and ensures full safety.
  • The e-cycle affects your health greatly in a good manner that is regular use of it helps you to lower your blood pressure, also it improves metabolism rate.
  • Its color is very vibrant and good looking as well as very attractive too.
  • Thie ecycle is equipped with all features and is very easy to use.
  • It is a battery operated bicycles for others.
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4. ROULIK INIZIO E-Bike Aluminium Alloy MTB Frame, 250W 30Nm Rear Hub Motor

Roulik Inizio E-bike

The brand Roulik is a brand that brings up e-cycles that are always found different from other e-cycles. It comes with a mat finished design that gives it an attractive look.

Its cycles are top in quality and durability, also it is one of the best e- cycle that you will get and is the one that will fulfill all your needs and demands.


  • It is an e-cycle that suits best to cyclists and professional riders.
  • This e-cycle offers faster and smooth riding experience with safety.
  • It comes with top quality features that assist you and make your ride an enjoyable one.
  • It comes with a long lasting and strong battery. Its battery can be easily be charged by removing it, this ensures convienient and easy charging.
  • This e-cycle can be used on any kind of surface it suits each of them.
  • It has a lightweight stylish aluminium alloy frame that ensures the durability of the e-cycle.
  • It is equipped with an LCD display that gives you information related to many topics like average speed, battery level, motor power, motor temperature and much more.
  • It has a very powerful and strong 250W, 30Nm BLDC rear hub motor. This motor supports 3 kinds of operations that are throttle, pedal assist and pedaling.
  • Its gear system consists of 21 speed Shimano tourney system. Its whole gear system offers easy and smooth gear shifting.
  • Its front mechanical suspension and Kenda MTB tires give you an easy and comfortable riding experience.
  • Its e-brakes are very effective and efficient and ensure full security.
  • This e-cycle suits all weather, it is waterproof and thus can be used easily during rais.
  • It carries LED lights and top quality reflectors that assures full safety.
  • This e-cycle comes with some complementary accessories like mudguard, 4 pin wire lock, and a helmet.
  • The bicycle is also equiped with cruise control and walk assist that assists you while you ride.

5. GOZERO MOBILITY ONE | Electric Bicycle India

Gozero cycle

Gozero is a British brand that manufactures e-cycles according to the demand and needs of the people. It is a battery operated bicycle.

The brand brings you this amazing classy looking e-cycle, that is perfect in all the ways. It acts as the best electric bicycles in India.

It is also the best budget electric bicycle.


  • It is a very powerful and durable e-cycle as well as its frame is made up of mild steel.
  • It carries 250W with 32 Nm torque motor, it is a soundless motor. It is manufactured with top quality material as well as it is waterproof this ensures durability.
  • This e-cycle is an all weather e-cycle, that it suits every season and can be used anytime.
  • It carries all basic features in its handle itself that makes your drive easy and comfortable.
  • It is equipped with quality and a very durable LCD screen which informs the rider about many things like total distance covered, total speed, total battery level.
  • This e-cycle also offers you PAS (padel assist system) levels, it includes total of 5 levels. This feature gives an automatic boost to the pedals and thus you need not put a large external force to the pedals.
  • The e-cycle total battery life is 800 charging cycles.
  • Its battery takes a total of 4 hours to charge fully, also it comes in a classy looking case that saves it from water and external conditions, also it gives it a long life.
  • This e-cycle is equipped with Raleigh forks that offers a smooth and easy ride on bad roads.
  • It carries strong and powerful Tektro disc brakes that promotes full safety.
  • The e-cycle carries the best ratings and reviews which shows how durable and top quality e-cycle is this one.

6. Omobikes Model E.0 Electric Cycle with Removable Battery | Unisex Design

Omnibike brand is the most popular brand for e-cycles. It crafts its cycles from top quality material in order to offer you the best.

It’s each and every feature will satisfy you and you will love it to the fullest. It acts as the best electric bicycles in India,


  • This e-cycle is very affordable and is easy to use and carry.
  • It suits all kinds of roads and also all kinds of traffic too.
  • This e-cycle has a total speed of 25 km/hr.
  • It carries a strong black frame that is very classy and durable.
  • Its tire rims are made up of good quality material.
  • Its 250W motor is very strong, effective and efficient.
  • This e-cycle is IP65 water resistant which means it can be used in the rainy season and all other weathers too. it makes it an all weather e-cycle.
  • Its 15AH lithium-ion battery can be easily be charged by removing it from the case. The battery gets fully charged in a total of 4 hours.
  • Its brakes are very strong, effective and instant.
  • This e-cycle carries an adjustable seat, also a good LED headlight and a horn with a strong sound.
  • It comes with basic accessories like mudguard, cable lock. front basket and a rear carrier.

7. BattRE Electric Cycle 250 Watt Motor, 36 v Lithium Battery, F/R Disc Brakes, Multicolour


The brand offers varieties of e-cycles that suit all the needs and requirements of the people.

This e-cycle is very trendy and stylish. It is one of the fastest electric bicycle. It is a battery operated bicycle.


  • Its frame is made up of high carbon steel. It is very durable and carries a long working life.
  • It has 250W motor and 36V lithium battery that can be easily be charged and used, Both are effective and efficient with the working.
  • Its e-brakes are very strong and effective, it assures total safety.
  • It also carries an LCD display on the handle, it informs about everything to the rider like total speed, total kilometers and much more and also it helps the rider to set certain features level.
  • Its top speed is 25km/hour.
  • It carries all good ratings and reviews with it.
  • It is a battery operated bicycles for others.


Where to buy an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles are trendy these days and due to health awareness its demand has reached great heights, therefore these electric cycles are available in your near market in any sports shop or you can buy it online easily through leading and certified shopping sites.

What’s a good bicycle?

A good bicycle depends upon your need and requirements and which fits in your budget, a good bicycle is only good when it fulfills your needs and affect your body in a healthy manner that is it keeps you fit and healthy.

So, we hope that you liked our post on best electric bicycles in India that included the latest electronic bicycles also known as e-cycles from best electric bicycle brands in India like Battre, Omnibikes, Lightspeed Glid, Gozero and much more that will offer you the best cycling experience and will also keep you fit and healthy.

Our post also included an affordable and cheap electric bicycle in order to suit everyone’s budget.

Do not forget to comment on your views and also your tried e-cycle on the comment section below so that we can add those in the upcoming posts, also do share the page with your friends and family.

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