Best Dog Food Brands In India

Best Dog Food Brands In India

Are you a dog fanatic? then you are in the right place. Today our post will be covering best dog food brands in india.

Owning a dog brings up lot of responsibilities, it’s not about just having a dog but it’s about nutrition, commitment, cost, care, control, and consideration.

Among those, the most important that plays a very crucial role from the birth of a dog till the end of his life is nutrition that in every stage of life food or nutrition plays a very important role.

Just like a small human baby needs proper attention and nutrition the same is with puppies and even with grown-up dogs.

Good and proper nutrition is supported by good food supplements from top brands that carry or are inculcated with high vitamins and minerals.

Proper nourishment initiates good muscle tone and body condition, skin and hair coat health, proper digestion and elimination, and immunity as well as prevention of disease.

Not only good nutrition but also the total amount of various food items depends upon the breed, weight, and height and also it depends upon the requirements.

As the world is moving ahead many companies are giving major importance to animal foods and thus are coming up with affordable and reasonable priced animal food brands.

The market has come up with various brands for dog food some of them are branded whereas some of them are fake and thus they try to cheat the customers and trap them in their unfair means.

Therefore we are here to offer you the best dog food brands that are top-rated and top-selling, those which provide amazing nutrition for your small buddy and carry all essential elements in them.

Knowledge about every brand will help you to know about them easily and thus you can decide easily which brand suits the needs and requirements of your dog the best, and thus you can break the deal with your favorite dog food brand.

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Best Dog Food Brands in India:

1. Taste of the wild

taste of the wild

It is the most known and best-selling brand from U.S.A for dog food. Among all brands in India, it is the only grain-free brand also carry a high percentage of meat.

It has a little bit of a high price but on the other side, its taste quality is worth it. The brand is available at rare dog stores but is easily available at online shopping stores.

The brand carries and produces excellent quality dog food of various outstanding flavours like meat, duck, fish of wet and dry categories and much more that are loved by dogs.

It has standard ingredients and elements whereas having a good amount of minerals, vitamins and protein that are very good for dog’s health. Taste of the wild is one of the best dog food brand for all dog breeds.

Its food has a unique taste and smell with which dogs are very comfortable to eat and also it is very easily digestible by the dogs.

2. Arden Grange

best dog food brand

It is an amazing European brand. It carries fresh ingredients like beet pulp, fish, meat, eggs and has each and every important food element.

Its packet carries every information about the ingredients, their quality and quantity as well. It is the best dog food brand as it carries all the important elements with it.

The brand comes with 30 percent of grain quantity in it which is mostly rice that is best for dog’s nutrition.

It is a little high priced but the quality related to every ingredient excellent thus it is worth buy, on the other hand, its fat content is very low that makes it very healthy for dogs.

It is best and suitable for grown-up dogs and puppies aged more than 2 months It carries calcium that initiates bone health.


Acana Best Dog food Brand in INDIA

The brand manufactures food that is biologically appropriate. It carries fresh ingredients which makes it taste even tastier.

Among its total quantity ratio 60 to 75 percent is of meat this ensures more proteins, vitamins, and minerals and altogether it positively affects the health of the dogs and this is the best dog food brand.

Its ingredients are gathered from local farms and brought into kitchens. This brand is Orijen’s sister company and both of them were introduced by Champion Petfoods Pvt. Ltd.

It offers a variety of food range like fresh wild-caught fish, poultry, nest-laid eggs, dry dog food and much more and thus is a good dog food. The brand name is an abbreviation of Alberta and Canada.

4. Farmina’s N & D

best dog food brands in india farmina

Collaboration with the Chair of Animal Nutrition of the University of Naples Federico II initiated the Farmina Vet Research group to create a nutritional system design for dogs.

The brand is free from GMO and grain as well as gluten-free which makes it one of the best dog food brands. It also does not contain any artificial preservatives.

Its whole content carries 70 percent of high-quality animal origin raw materials. Whereas it has 35 percent of oats and splets that initiate good digestion of food.

The brand carries a lower price hence it is very affordable and its price won’t make a hole in your pocket.

5. Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Hill's dog food brand

It is an American brand and has an amazing quality as it is produced with the best, refined and fresh ingredients that are best for dog nutrients.

It offers varieties of different types of science nutrition that have an amazing taste that your dog will love therefore acts as the best dog food brand.

It is a very affordable brand and is very easily available in the markets. Also, Hill’s prescription diet is very famous among dog owners and is good dog food.

Its most of the products carry mainly meat and a large number of grains like flax seeds which initiate good eye health, increase energy levels, and also offer healthy and shiny skin.

6. Drools Focus

drools dog food brand

Drools is one of the most popular and top-selling brand for dog food, as it is best with quality, nutrition, and taste.

It carries fewer grains like wheat, soy, corn and more of meat like eggs and chicken. It carries no artificial color and no artificial flavors.

It is the best dog food brand as it is best with ingredients but also with vitamins, minerals and proteins that are essential for dog’s nutrition.

It is very affordable too, you can easily buy it in your nearby dog store or on online shopping sites.

7. Orijen

orijen best dog food brand in india

It is the most popular and the world’s most awarded food brand for dogs originated from Canada. It is very affordable as well as easily available and is in this field for more than 10 years.

It has the best quality that is loved by dogs and ensures production of items under international safety standards.

Most of the ingredients are boneless in it like boneless chicken, turkey, fish, whole egg and much more.

It carries all important vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are best for the health of dogs. It has an 85:15 ratio, in which 85 percent carries good quality meat and 15 percent carries a good quality of veggies and hence is the best dog food in India.

8. Eukanuba Pet Food

Best dog food brands in india 2020

Established in the year 1965. It is the leading manufacturer of dog foods and is the largest selling brand also it is from one of the best dog companies.

The brand offers 13 dry dog foods among them 10 have met American Feed Control Officials and products for adult dogs as well as for puppies.

Its main ingredients are chicken, cornmeal, brewers rice, ground whole grain sorghum, ground whole grain barley, dried beet pulp, and chicken fat.

Also, it has calcium and phosphorus content that ensures good bone and joints health. The brand is very affordable and you can easily place an order for it on online shopping sites, therefore, it is the best dog food brand.

9. Royal Canin

royal canin dog food

Originated from France in 1967 the brand is a worldwide famous and best seller of dry dog food in India.

It’s every product carries important 50 nutrients like fat, minerals, vitamins that are essential for a dog’s health.

It has a chicken meal, brown rice, chicken fat and much more as its main ingredients which makes it the best dog food brand for huskies, labradors, Pomeranians, german shepherds and much more.

The brand is in this field for 50 years and thus carries a lot of experience with it. Whereas its price is not that much high thus it is under an affordable range.

10. Nestle Purina

purina dog food brand

Originated in 1894 the brand is manufacturing food for more than 120 years and has a lot of experience in it and is from the best dog food companies.

It presents you with amazing quality wet and dry products for dogs that carry a high amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and antioxidants which is best for dog nutrition.

It comes with great taste and quality and thus carries a good trademark, standard, and goodwill with it.

11. Pedigree

pedigree dog food

The most popular and known brand for dog food in India. It is loved and liked by most of the dogs.

It offers treats, snacks, dry and wet food products for dogs, also they manufacture food for special reasons like for oral health care, weight control and as well as for bones.

Its each and every product has a good amount of proteins, minerals, carbs, fats, and much more that initiates good health, therefore, is one of the best dog food brand.


Q1. Which brand is the best dog food?

We cannot go with anyone brand as all the brands are unique and carry their own features with them.

In our post, we have added all top-selling and top-rated brands for dog food you can go with any of them according to your preference and needs.

Q2. Is Farmina dog food good?

Yes, surely it is as it is suitable for all dog age groups. And it even carries an excellent chicken formula that contains 37% Protein and 18% Fat content. The most important feature of this brand is that it is grain and GMO-free product.

Q3. What is the healthiest dog food?

We cannot say any one of the foods to be healthiest as all of them offer different impact on the health of the dogs.

Going with the food depends upon the needs and requirements of the dog.

Q4. How do I choose the right dog food?

Choosing the right dog food depends upon various factors some of them are:-

1) Look for a food formulated for your dog’s age: It is one of the most important factors in choosing the right food for dogs. A dog’s nutritional need changes as it’s age change or it grows. A nutritional need of a puppy is far different than a nutritional need of a grown up adult dog as a puppy needs food with high protein but on the other side nutrition for a grown up dog carries many other elements.

2) Consider a healthy food formulated for your dog’s size: Choice of food depends upon the size of the dog that is large and heavy breeds needs a good amount of nutrition and food that is made up of glucosamine which will result in good bone health.

On the other hand for small breeds less quantity of food with good nutritional value is enough.

3) Think about your dog’s activity level: Dogs activity refers to the active and inactive conditions of a dog.

If your dog is very active and performs various activities and in short is an athlete then it would need dog food produced for athletic dogs.

On the other hand if your dog perform less activities and burns very less calories then you should consider the food that initiates weight management.

4) Pay attention to your dog’s specific nutritional needs: It is also one of the most important factor in choosing the food for your dog.

Before choosing the food you should definitely keep in mind the needs of your dog whether it has any disease or any deficiency then the food should be according to it which will remove the deficiency and as well as will aid the dog disease.

Q5. Is pedigree better than Royal Canin?

According to our average data the brand pedigree carries less fat as compared to the brand royal canin whereas on the other hand pedigree wet dog foods carry more fat than royal canin wet dog foods.

But we cannot compare these two on this small basis as both of them are unique and best in their own ways.

The choice of brand depends upon one’s needs and preferences thus u can go with anyone of them.

Q.6 Are eggs good for dogs?

Eggs are one of the best source of protein that is easily digestible, riboflavin and selenium which are good and act positively for the health of dogs.

Cooked eggs are better as raw eggs cause biotin deficiency. Eggs act best for dogs that are infected by upset digestive system.

Q.7 Can I feed my dog human food instead of dog food?

We can feed them lean meats and vegetables but on the other side grains, leftover food items like junk food are harmful and not good for dog’s health.

Hence we can feed dogs human food but certain items that humans eat are not good for dogs those items must be kept in mind.


We hope that you liked our post on the best dog food brands in India that included top-selling and rated brands. Do not forget to comment on your views and reviews and also do share our post with your friends and family on Instagram, Facebook and twitter through the share button below.

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