Best Cycles Under Rs 5000

best cycles under 5000

In this era of growing health awareness and with the upcoming of health freaks bicycles play an important role.

Bicycles initiate and promote a healthy life. They carry a lot of advantages with them. Cycles are symbols of fitness.

Bicycles tone your body and make your body fit as well as increase cardiovascular fitness.

It also initiates muscle strength, flexibility, joint mobility and prevents the body from harmful diseases.

The market offers a variety of cycles of different purposes that are very comfortable and easy to ride and use. Cycles offer you the best healthy experience that you can have.

So, here we are with the best cycles under 5000 from top brands that are very durable and comfortable also that suit all kinds of budget under 5000.

Our list of bicycles will help you to get your ideal bicycles and will ease down the process of selection of bicycles for you.

Best Cycles Under Rs 5000 for Adults:

1. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Cycle (Black)

Hero Kyoto 26T - Best Cycles under 5000 in India

This cycle brings you an amazing riding experience with which you will fall in love with.

Its all components are designed according to all global standards this ensures quality as well as durability.

The cycle carries a good color with it that gives it a great cool look. It is priced around Rs 5000.


  • Its durable steel frame ensures smooth riding as well as keep solidity intact.
  • Its strong frame promotes great durability.
  • The cycle has a dual “v brake” system that ensures effective control while riding as well as smooth cycling.
  • Its brake management offers safe and secure riding.
  • It carries a comfortable seat that offers great comfort while riding.
  • It carries a splendid feature of anti-skid pedals that promotes faster rides with perfect grip and without any injury.
  • The cycle suits riders above the age of 11 years.

2. Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Single Speed Cycle (Silver/Black)

Hero Hawk Nuage 27T Gearless cycle India

This cycle is one of the best cycles of brand hero that you can achieve under the budget of 5000.

It is a cycle that is very bold as well as stylish also it carries high ratings and reviews.

This is a cycle that comes with all superb features that cycle should contain that is, chain cover, front reflectors, carrier, stand, rear reflectors, mudguard and much more.


  • It carries a strong and quality mudguard that keeps cycle safe from mud and dust.
  • It has a chain cover that protects chain from dirt and keeps it clean.
  • It carries a lightweight frameset that offers easy or smooth riding of the bike.
  • The cycle has 44T bend crank black crankset and a cottered BB set, that offers smooth riding with less paddling.
  • It has a comfortable seat that can be easily adjusted due to ED black assembly feature.
  • Its handlebar is easy to adjust and also does not strain the arm and wrist while riding.
  • The cycle ensures safe riding through non-slippery paddles and strong front rear caliper brakes.

3. Omobikes Model-1.0 Lightweight |13kg| Fast Light Weight Hybrid Cycle with Alloy Rims, Anti Rust Frame

It is a unique designed cycle with a unique structure and color. Its each and every feature makes it different from normal cycles.

It is one of the best light weighted cycle that you can go for under this budget.

This cycle carries a different fanbase also it offers you the best riding experience that you can have.

It makes you look different while you ride as compared to other riders due to its uniqueness.


  • Its frame is lightweight that offers easy riding experience.
  • The cycle has strong brakes that prevent any injuries and accidents.
  • Its tires come with a splendid feature that is puncture resistant feature.
  • Its seat is very comfortable and is easy to adjust and use.
  • The cycle carry a comfortable grip with strong paddles.
  • The overall components of cycle are made up of quality and durable materials.

4. Hero Sprint Fazer 24T 18 Speed Cycle

Hero Next 24T - Bicycle priced below 5000

Hero cycles are known for their speed as well as for effective and efficient working.

All the components of this cycle are made according to the standards that are laid globally.

It is a cycle with the perfect price and with perfect quality and features. The cycle carries a charm of its own.


  • The cycle can be used by riders of age 11 and above.
  • It has a very durable steel frame, it is total of 18 inches, it offers smooth riding and functioning of the cycle.
  • Its dual “v brake” system offers a safe riding experience.
  • It carries a dual suspension feature that offers yank free riding.
  • Its working management enables it to be used anytime and in anyplace.
  • With 18 speed setting, you can ride at any speed you want and with very little effort you can ride very fast at high speed.
  • Its anti skid pedals promote safe rides and also enables a perfect gripping system.
  • Its tires are enabled with flying mudguard feature that protects it from dirt and mud.

5. Hercules Trailblazer RF 26T Single Speed Adult Cycle (New Ferrari Red)

Hercules Trailblazer RF 26T Single Speed Adult Cycle

Hercules is a known brand for cycles. The brand brings you this amazing vibrant red colored cycle. It is one of the best Hercules cycle under 5000 rupees.

This cycle carries its own style with it. It is also top with speed whereas it carries all top features with it.


  • The cycle carries a smart look with it.
  • It ensures safety through strong instant brakes.
  • Its mud gat saves cycle from dirt, dust, and mud and keeps the cycle clean.
  • The cycle is very light weighted and thus easy to use.
  • It is from a top brand, therefore, there is no need to worry about quality and durability.
  • Its wheels ensure speed and smooth movement of the bicycle.
  • This cycle company you to your adventure and offers you an amazing experience that you have never had before.

Best Cycles Under Rs 5000 for Kids:

1. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Cycle (Black)

Hero Blast 20T - best kids cycle under 5000 india

Again the brand Hero brings forward this amazing cycle for children. This cycle is been loved by all.

It is one of the top selling cycles for children also it is very easy to assemble and use.


  • It carries a great color combination that is very attractive and stylish also comes with good graphics and prints.
  • The cycle is equipped with all safety components like effective and efficient brakes, anti-skid paddles and handles with a good gripping system that offers a safe and healthy ride.
  • The cycle has a durable, comfortable and adjustable seat.
  • Its all parts are manufactured with top quality material that offers a long life to the cycle.
  • It has a very durable 20 T tire sized tries that offers speedy rides.

2. Outdoor Bikes Jaunty BMX 14 inches Bicycle for 3 to 5 Age Group (Semi Assembled with Assembly Instruction Manual & Tool Kit)

This bicycle stands as a perfect one for kids. It carries out good ratings and reviews that assure surety.

It is a bicycle that has a cool and trendy look, it will be loved and enjoyed by kids.

The cycle build quality is very good as compared to the cost of the bicycles that is below Rs 5000.


  • It is a very comfortable bicycle. It offers comfortable riding experience to children while they ride on it.
  • Every part of the bicycle is manufactured with top quality material and thus is very very durable too.
  • Its color is very vibrant and attractive and thus seeks quick attention from children.
  • It carries a wheel size of 14 inches which makes riding comfortable.
  • Each and every component is made up of metal with TIG welding.
  • It carries steel handlebars and aluminium alloy A-head stem.
  • It also comes with side wheels that give great support to children while they ride and also save them from the imbalance of bicycles that cause harmful injuries.

3. Hero Blast 16T Single Speed Cycle

Hero presents this amazing bicycles for children that have a unique look and style. It carries a great color combination with it.

It is one of the best bicycles for children that you can have under this budget.


  • The bicycle carries a unique color with it whereas its style carries a great attitude with it.
  • It is safe for children and through side wheels, it offers safe riding and prevents children from harmful injuries.
  • The cycle carries quality and durable steel frame that offers a great long life to the cycle.
  • It carries strong and effective brakes that ensure safe riding.
  • Its seat is very comfortable and adjustable and thus can be easily adjusted according to the height of the child.
  • Its side wheels act as a trainer for the beginners as well as help the children to learn the bicycle without any injury.
  • It carries anti-skid paddle that ensures safe driving, especially during rainy days.

4. MAD MAXX BIKES Steel Kid’s 16T BMX Road Cycle for 4 to 6 Years Child (16-inch, Neon Orange)

MAD MAXX BIKES Steel Kid's 16T BMX Road Cycle for 4 to 6 Years Child

This cycle is very lightweight and thus is easy to carry and use. It comes with a cool design.

This cycle carries many good reviews and ratings that assure its quality and durability.


  • The cycle is easy to assemble and carry.
  • Its color is vibrant and attractive as well as its design is trendy and in fashion.
  • It is from top selling leading brand, thus quality and durability assurance comes with it.
  • Its seat is very comfortable also it supports the back of the children and also saves them from falling backward.
  • It carries very durable tires that offer the cycle a long life.
  • Its whole body is made up of top-quality steel.
  • The cycle carries all safety equipped components like strong and instant brakes with handles with the good gripping system.

5. Hero Foxx Speed Steel Bicycle, 20-inch (Red)

Hero Foxx Speed Steel Bicycle

Hero offers you this stylish red cycle that is very sporty and classy. Its red color is very unique and vibrant.

This cycle acts best for beginners as it is easy to handle and ride. It is one of the safest cycles that you can have under this budget.


  • It is a very quality product. Its design is loved by children.
  • It carries an adjustable and comfortable seat so that the child can have a safe and comfortable ride.
  • Its brakes are strong and powerful also the whole cycle is easy to assemble and carry.
  • It also carries trainer wheels that give maximum support to the beginners and also save them from injuries due too side falls.
  • Its handle is very strong and carries good gripping.
  • Its paddles are anti skid and therefore offer a safe ride during the rainy season.
  • This cycle gives a smooth cycling experience.

6. Maskman 14T Single Speed Kids Cycles for 3 to 5 Years Boys & Girls Semi Assembled with Training Wheels (Matte Black-Blue)

mask man cycle for kids

This cycle is worth buying as it carries all the basic and latest features with it. It is best with performance.

The cycle carries a very attractive and bold design that makes it look different from other cycles.


  • The cycle is very easy to assemble, its all parts get easily attached.
  • This cycle comes with some special features like a water bottle and its holder and a small bell.
  • The cycle color is bold and vibrant, it gives the whole look of the cycle a punch.
  • This cycle carries the best ratings and reviews and hence this ensures the quality and durability of the cycle.
  • It carries a comfortable and adjustable seat in order to offer a ride with comfort.
  • The cycle has side wheels that helps in the training of the beginners and also ensures safe riding.
  • Its every component is manufactured through top quality material that ensures durability and long life of the cycle.
  • The cycle is very lightweight and easy to carry.

7. TATA Stryder Harris 20 T Model – Kids Speed Bicycle, Age Preference 7-9 Years Old, Person Height 4 to 5 Feet, Cycle Size- 20″ Inches

tata cycles for kids

This bicycle comes in the range of kids cycle under 5000 whereas it comes in a bold and classy black color that gives it a different look.

The cycle carries top quality features and offers the best and safe cycling experience to children.


  • This cycle ensures safety first as it carries anti skid paddles, top grip handles, and strong instant brakes.
  • Its tires are crafted with top quality material that ensures long life of the cycle as well as a smooth and easy ride.
  • The cycle is very comfortable to use, its seat is adjustable and can be adjusted according to the height of the child.
  • It is a cycle with attitude. It carries all the basic quality features that a cycle should carry.
  • It’s each and every component is designed with the best material in order to offer top durability.

So, we hope that you liked our post on best cycles under 5000 rupees in India that carried cycles for both adults and children (between age 5 to 10 years) from top brands like Hercules, Hero, Atlas, Tata and much more and also our post includes gear and gearless both kinds of cycles.

If you are liking to go with gear bicycles then we would suggest you that you should increase your budget slightly and then go for gear bicycles for both adults and kids.

Do not forget to give your views and opinion in the comment section below and also do mention your tried and loved gear and gearless bicycles so that we can include then in our upcoming posts and also for more posts like this do go through the link given.

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