Best Condom Brands in India

best condom brands in india

In this era of growing world people have become and are becoming more comfortable to talk about sex and sexual products like condoms in open without any hesitation.

Condoms are the best way to have safe and protected sex. Condoms play a very major role during sex in preventing unwanted pregnancy and diseases.

Also, they offer intense pleasure during sex. A branded condom is a mark of more enjoyment, more sex, and more safety.

During sex the partners want to satisfy each other, thus here condoms come into play. In the market, there are varieties of condom brands available that offer various kinds of condoms of different flavors, that suit all kinds of ranges.

So, here we are with the best condom brands in India that offers you the best selling condoms in India and great pleasure and enjoyment with safety on one hand, so that you can have a great experience.

In our post, we have added top condom brands like Durex, Moods, Kamasutra, Skore, Playgard, Manforce, Kohinoor, Invigra, Okamoto, Carex and much more that offers condoms like ultra-thin, dotted, extra dotted, ripped, plain, flavored condoms and many more with mesmerizing flavors.

Top 10 Best Condom Brands In India

1. Durex Condoms:

Durex is the most popular and top-selling also trusted brand for condoms. It is the worlds number 1 brand.

The brand carries 80 years of experience with it and offers you condoms crafted with the best technology and materials that are worth trusting.

The brand ensures complete safety and provides you the top quality best experience. It not only offers condoms but also lubricants and sex toys.

Durex condoms are tested and tried also carries a trademark of SSL international (UK).

It designs and manufactures various kinds of condoms of different flavors so that you can get many options and can go with the best condom that you like.

The brand brings innovation in their condoms and thus launch something new every time so that you can love and enjoy more. It serves 150 countries with its product.


  • Thin Condom.
  • Air ultra-thin Condom.
  • Flavoured Condom.
  • Dotted and Ribbed Condom.
  • Ribbed Condom.
  • Plain condom.
  • Dotted Condom.

2. Moods Condoms:

The known brand for the best-dotted condom, unique aromas and thin but tough texture. The brand crafts its condoms with the utmost care.

It offers condoms that are top in quality and safety. It designs its condoms with the latest technology and ideas.

Its condoms give great pleasure and the best experience that you would love to have.

It serves up to 30 countries with its best condoms. The condoms are manufactured under HLL Lifecare, the Government of India enterprise.

The brand offers 20 amazing varieties of condoms with awesome different flavors.


  • Dotted and ribbed condoms.
  • Dotted condoms.
  • Ultra-thin condoms.
  • Long-lasting condoms.
  • Ribbed condoms.
  • Plain condoms.
  • Flavor condoms.

3. Kamasutra Condoms:

Kamasutra a trusted brand offers a great range of condoms with mesmerizing flavors that will offer you intense pleasure.

The brand holds 28 years of experience in crafting condoms and is also the leading condom brand in India. This brand holds more popularity among the youth.

It serves more than 40 countries all over the world with its top quality condoms. Their condoms offer safe and protected sex.

It designs its condoms with the utmost care, with top quality material and latest technology.

The brand offers condoms that will provide you the best feeling and the best experience.


  • Multi-textured condoms.
  • Super thin condoms.
  • Ribbed condoms.
  • Extra dots condoms.
  • Dotted and ribbed condoms.
  • Dotted condoms.
  • Plain condoms.
  • Flavored condoms.
  • Assorted condom pack ( Honeymoon gift pack).

4. Skore Condoms:

Skore the brand for condoms is known for the best flavored condoms. The brand was started in the year 2012 and has gained a lot of popularity.

The condoms are manufactured by TTK Protective Devices Limited (formerly TTK – LIG), they hold a lot of experience in manufacturing condoms.

It is a modern brand that designs and crafts condoms with the latest technology and with innovation.

The brand believes that sex can be casual, but it should not be unprotected. It also believes that sex should be fun and thus keeping in mind this idea the brand crafts condoms that give immense pleasure.

It offers a wide range of exciting condoms with perfect flavors. The brand is known to use the best quality latex.


  • Plain condoms.
  • Dotted condoms.
  • Flavored condoms.

5. Playgard Condoms:

The brand that introduced super dotted condoms in India. Playgard is the brand that offers you great ‘play’ with safety that is ‘guard’.

The brand brings you an amazing range of condoms with mind-blowing flavors like chocolate, strawberry, banana and much more that will give you a lot of fun and enjoyment.

It offers condoms with the highest quality material that is safe to use and offers complete protection.


  • Plain condoms.
  • Dotted condoms.
  • Flavored condoms.

6. Manforce Condoms:

Manforce condoms are one of the best and top-selling condom brand among the youth. It is very popular among them.

The brand offers quality condoms crafted with fine raw materials. Its condoms offer long time sex.

Its condom provides safe sex with full enjoyment, also offers full satisfaction.

The condoms are designed with the latest technology and with innovation in order to give more excitement and more pleasure.

Manforce has a wide variety of condoms with a large collection of beautiful flavors like Pineapple, Chocolate, Green Apple, Banana, Jasmine, Butterscotch, Black Grapes, Coffee, Strawberry, Orange and much more.


  • Flavored condom.
  • Ultra-Thin condom.
  • Contoured condom.
  • Multi-texture condom.
  • Smooth condom.
  • Dotted condom.
  • Ribbed condom.
  • Dotted and Ribbed condom.
  • Plain condom.

7. Kohinoor Condoms:

Kohinoor condoms carry exciting features with it also offers great satisfaction.

Its condoms are created with the best quality material. A large variety of condoms are offered by this brand with splendid flavors.

It is a very reliable brand and is preferred by most of the youths or young couples. This condom is for those who desire to make love.

It is a brand that will surprise you with its performance. This brand is owned by Reckitt and Benckiser India.

The brand offers a variety of condoms that suit different kinds of tastes and preferences.

Kohinoor condoms are made up of the best latex material and also has the best fragrance and flavors.


  • Plain condoms.
  • Dotted condoms.
  • Flavored condoms.

8. Invigra Condoms:

Invigra is also a popular and known brand of condoms. The brand not only offers condoms but also offers energy-boosting food supplement and delay sprays.

The brand also offers solutions for various sex-related problems like STD, lack of stamina or difficulty in performance.

The brand has a good range of condoms with various flavors that will make your sex more enjoyable.

Its condoms are crafted with quality material and with the latest technology.


  • Plain condoms.
  • Dotted condoms.
  • Flavored condoms.

9. Okamoto Condoms:

Okamoto brand offers the world’s thinnest condoms crafted with the best quality material.

It is a brand that provides condoms that are designed and manufactured through the latest technology and with the fine raw material.

The brand is trustworthy and carries 70 years of experience with them in this field.

With their condoms, the brand offers comfort, reliability, and convenience to its consumers.

It crafts its condoms with innovation and always tries to bring a better, new and good change in condoms.

Its condoms offer safety and protection first, also its condoms are softer that offers easy and smooth play.


  • Plain condoms.
  • Dotted condoms.
  • Flavored condoms.

10. Carex Condoms:

Carex condoms are very reliable and offer you great pleasure and fun. Its condoms are crafted with the best latest technology.

The brand brings innovation to their condoms also the condoms are manufactured with the finest quality natural rubber latex.

In order to ensure safety and protection condoms are tested electronically. The brand designs its condoms according to the guidelines set up bu the International standards like ISO 4074, WHO and much more.

The brand has a wide range of condoms with different kinds of flavors having a beautiful aroma.

The brand designs all kinds of condoms that suit everyone’s taste, preferences and needs.


  • Plain condoms.
  • Dotted condoms.
  • Flavored condoms.

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