Best Backpacks Under ₹1000 – Laptop, College, Travel

best backpacks under 1000

Backpacks are the easiest and effective way to carry your essentials. Best quality and durable backpack act as a very useful one for a travel and adventurous fanatic.

Backpacks are available in different sizes, qualities, colours, going with a particular backpack depends upon one’s likes, needs, and preferences.

They are manufactured by top leading manufacturers and are offered by top-selling and popular brands.

Top branded backpacks give assurance of quality and durability. They create trendy backpacks and those which suit the various needs of the customers.

Branded backpacks stand good with the material and carry amazing, unique and outstanding features like rollers, wheels, excess space, small pockets, and much more.

Different types of backpacks suit different uses like backpacks that are available for tuitions, coachings, travelling, tracking, fishing and many more.

They make your outdoor activities efficient and effective and also they make them comfortable too.

Also, backpacks with certain features like waterproof backpacks never let your adventure stop due to rains and tough conditions, it always lets you move.

Going with the best backpack for yourself is a difficult task as there are many brands for backpacks in the market, therefore we are here with the top, leading and popular backpack brands that offer you amazing backpacks that will let you spellbound with their performance.

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Best Backpacks Under Rs 1000 For College, School, Office, Laptop, Travel

1. American Tourister 30.5 Ltrs Teal Laptop Backpack

American Tourister backpack under 1000

American Tourister brand brings you this amazing and unique feature carrying bag. One of the best american tourister backpack under 1000. It is excellent with performance and will offer the best experience for which you have waited soo long.

It makes your travel and adventure a fun one which you will remember your whole life. It is stylish as well as trendy also with its looks it brings out your inner you and reflects your personality.

It is perfect with quality and durability and had a very long promising life. It acts as the best gift for your family and friends.

The bag is very organized and protects your crucial also carries multiple departments that help you to carry much stuff.

It is made up of a cosy fabric of excellent quality and has 2 full compartments that let you carry your books and clothes.

It has a laptop sleeve feature that helps you to carry your laptop with ease, you can carry a laptop that is up to 15.4 inches.

Its front pocket carries an internal organizer with a dog hook feature that helps you to keep your keys safe that lets you keep your small essentials like mobile phones, charge banks, cameras and much more.

Its front stash pocket enables easy access to your essentials easily. On the other hand, it is very comfortable to carry and use.

It has padded mesh back and shoulder straps that do not hurt your back due to longer use and thus offer good back support.

It is very comfortable due to the air groove plus technology initiated at its back panel. This feature enables easy airflow. The side mesh pockets help you to carry your favourite bottles or sippers very easily.

The bag has gone under very tough tests and thus the question related to quality or durability does not arise, therefore it suits every difficult condition. Its outer material is made up of polyester and has a beautiful vibrant teal colour.

2. Skybags Stream Polyester 1811 cm Blue Spacious School Backpack with Rain Cover

skybags backpacks for students

One of the best school bags under the 1000 category. It is an ideal backpack for schools. The backpack is from leading and top-selling brand Skybags thus questions related to quality and durability do not arise.

It has a total of 3 compartments plus 1 front zip pocket. The backpack does not have a laptop compartment. It comes with a rain cover feature that saves the bag as well as the stuff from water during rains.

It comes with a padded top handle which ensures comfortable carrying of the backpack and has a side bottle holder that lets you carry your sipper or water bottle.

3. F Gear Luxury 25 Ltrs Brown Laptop Backpack

Fgear mature backpack under 1000

It acts as the best backpack for school as it is stylish and comfortable. The outer material is made up of art leather and carries the brown sober color.

Its material is water-resistant and has a total capacity of 25 litres that is ideal for school purposes. The weight of this bag is a little high as compared to other bags, it weighs 800 grams.

There is a total of 2 compartments that are laptop friendly and can carry laptops up to 15.6 inches. The bag has a zip closure, water holder and leather finish as its special features.

It offers you a very spacious compartment that lets you carry your items without any space worries.

4. Skybags Figo Plus 02 34 Ltrs Gradient Pink Casual Backpack

skybags casual backpacks under 1000 rs

One of the best college bags under 1000 category. It is a very beautiful backpack with vibrant colours. The outer material is polyester and has a gradient pink colour. The backpack is best for school or college going girls.

Its total capacity is 34 litres and has a very low weight of 515 grams. The total number of the compartment it carries is 3 it does not support the laptop compartment feature.

It has adjustable padded straps, top handle, and bottom area which altogether makes it a very comfortable backpack. These features do not let the pressure fall on your shoulders.

It has a secret pocket, bottle holder and zipper organizer feature with it that makes it an overall ideal school backpack.

5. Tommy Hilfiger 19.53 Ltrs Navy Laptop Backpack

Tommy Hilfiger 19.53 Ltrs Navy Laptop Backpack

This bag has a very smart and trendy design that never lets you out of fashion. It is from Tommy Hilfiger a popular brand for various products. It has a total of 2 compartments and has a capacity of 19.53 litres.

It carries a sporty navy colour that shows your adventurous personality very well. Its outer material is made up of good quality polyester which is wear and water-resistant.

It has a very basic design which is very comfortable. It has a breathable cushioned back and comfortable handle which makes your bag easy to carry as well as do not put pressure on your shoulders.

6. Gear Classic Anti Theft Faux Leather 20 Ltrs Navy Laptop Backpack

Gear Classic Anti Theft Faux Leather backpack

The backpack stands out as best laptop bag under 1000. It is a classy backpack with outer material made up of synthetic which is waterproof. The bag has a navy colour. Its total capacity is 20 litres.

It is very comfortable to carry as it is very lightweight and weighs only 560 grams. The total number of the compartment it carries is 2 with USB, headphone cable slot and external bottle pocket feature.

The bag is anti-theft and has anti-sweat fabric which does not soak your sweat and thus keeps your backpack fresh smelling. It has adjustable padded shoulder straps and cushioned back panel that makes it a comfortable backpack.

7. Skybags Figo Plus 05 34 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack

skybags backpack figo casual

This backpack is very cool and stylish. It has very attractive graphics which makes it different from other backpacks. Its outer material is made up of good quality polyester.

The colour of the backpack is smart blue and has a total capacity of 34 litres. It weighs only 515 grams which is very lightweight. It carries a total of 3 compartments.

The bag does not support a laptop compartment that is laptops can not be carried in the bag. It has a padded bottom and top which makes it a very comfortable backpack, this feature lets you carry your items effortlessly.

It has a file pocket feature in which you can keep your important files as well as has a secret pocket in which you can keep your secret items or stuff. It is one of the best backpacks for daily use.

8. Wildcraft Work Packs’18 21 Ltrs Black Laptop Backpack

wildcraft laptop backpack under 1000

Wildcraft presents you with this amazing classy black backpack. One of the best wildcraft backpacks under 1000. Its outer material is fabric and is water-resistant. The total capacity of the bag is 21 litres.

The bag is very lightweight and weighs only 480 grams. It carries a total of 2 compartments with it that helps you to carry your essentials easily like a laptop up to 15 inches.

It is one of the best daily use backpacks under this budget. Its material is very durable and tough thus the backpack has a long life and can be used rough and tough.

It has an internal organizer and webbing haul loop feature that helps you to carry your stuff easily and comfortably.

9. Skybags Bingo Extra 01 32 Ltrs Green Casual Backpack

skybags casual backapck under 1000

Skybags is one of the most known and popular brands for bags. It is advertised by many leading actors. The brand offers varieties of the bag that suits different purposes. The backpack is one of the best skybags backpack under 1000.

Its outer material is made up of top quality nylon and has a green colour that offers it a military look and thus represents your adventurous personality very well.

The total capacity of the bag is 34 litres and has material made up of chequered PU fabric. It also has a rain cover feature that helps save your essentials and the bag from water during rainy seasons.

The bag has 3 compartments that let you carry each and every item with ease. Its organizer lets you hold or keep your essential items like keys, pens, diaries, etc safe as well as make you reach them fast and easily.

It has suspension shoulder straps that are very comfortable and also does not put a lot of weight on your shoulder and thus offers you easy and effortless carrying of your essentials.

It comes with a file folder and pencil pouch feature that helps you keep your stationery and important files safe. It is one of the best backpacks that you can have under this budget.

10. Wildcraft 35 Ltrs Typo_Blk Casual Backpack

The outer material of this backpack is made up of nylon and has a typo black colour which gives its look a kick. It has a total capacity of 35 litres.

The total number of compartments it carries is 2, it is a very spacious backpack and helps you to keeps a lot amount of stuff maybe they are clothes, books or any other stuff.

It has a bottle pocket feature and has a padded back as well as shoulder straps which ensures that your shoulders are not pressurized due to weight.

On the other hand, it has a quick grab haul loop and flat front pocket feature that lets you carry your important small essential items.

Buyer’s Guide:

These were always some points that you should consider before buying backpacks. the points you should look are given below:


The first thing you need to check is durability or how durable the bag is? If you buy a pack and see that it is torn in a few weeks then you will feel that you wasted your money right? So look for the space requirement and durability of the bag, if it is not specified then you acknowledge it by checking the stuff online or checking in the feature section about how good and durable it is.


Acknowledge the material from which it is made up because the material is most important to have durability. If it is made up of light or cheap material it will be easily torn if you put a little more in that bag or when you use it for some days while if it is made up of good material then it hardly matters how much you put in that it will be good enough to carry that load and give a user good service time, so check the material from which it is made.


To look stylish and trendy in society you have to look for a backpack design that aesthetically appealed so you look cool while carrying it. There are various bags which look cool like a leather bag, cotton bag and many more. But it depends on your choice which you prefer, the trend at the time being and the person requirement with the working environment.


Buy always warranty bags.


Check the stitching before buying the backpack.


1. What are the best quality backpacks?

The backpack with good brand value, rating and reviews are the best. The ranking changes with every change in a trend and with the launching of different models.

2. What is the best laptop backpack to buy?

Some brands provide the best laptop backpack like American Tourister, skybags etc. but the buyer should think twice before buying the bag about the laptop size and weight before buying any backpack.

3. Which is the best brand for backpacks in India?

There are many in-house brands working in India along with American Tourister, Wildcraft, Skybags, Tommy Hilfiger etc. Thus the bag which fulfils the buyer’s requirement along with the fulfilment of financial aspect is the best.

4. What is the best backpack for everyday use?

Backpack which gives you comfort, fall in your price range, make you stylish and trendy and fulfil your needs is the best.

5. Are all backpacks alike?

Well, to answer this question no! not all backpacks are alike. It’s the occasion, the requirement, the need which differs them like there are hiking backpacks (Built for extended outdoor trips), rolling backpacks, laptop backpacks, canvas backpack (traditional styling with sturdy, lightweight construction). speciality backpacks (like photographers require a camera backpack with special padded compartments for devices and accessories, a hydration backpack carries drinking water or other liquids for cycling trips or day hikes etc.)

6. How much can it hold?

A person can carry the weight comfortably for hours because sometimes a person needs to carry the backpack for hours depending upon the situation, thus we can say it depend partially on the person and partially on backpack. Depending on what you need it for, here’s what to expect: example in daypacks (15-40 litres), weekend and week-long backpacks (40-75 litres), travel backpacks (75-100 litres).

7. Will it make my backache?

The decision of choosing the wrong backpack can be the reason for one’s backache. Thus choose wisely before buying the backpack and don’t use the wrong backpack for the wrong occasion. There are basically two types of backpack frames –

  • Internal frame: Internal frames use aluminium rods to provide structure and conform to the contours of your back. This redistributes weight closer to the body near the lower hip area to alleviate stress on your spine.They are good for everyday use.
  • External frame: Great for hiking, these packs have an external skeleton to redistribute weight while allowing the wearer to comfortably walk upright.

8. What are some of the features?

There are several habits and needs of a user which require some special aided features. Some features are-Stitching, Material, Fit, Zippers, Pockets, Shoulder straps, Weight straps, Padding, Style, Accessories, Reflectors (if there is a situation of travelling in the dark).

We hope that you liked our post on the best backpacks under 1000 that carried top-rated and leading amazing quality backpacks from the top-selling brands.

Do not forget to comment on your views and reviews and also do mention your tried backpacks under 1000 we will definitely add them in our upcoming posts.

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