Best Acoustic Guitars Under Rs 5000

Best Acoustic Guitars Under Rs 5000

The guitar is one of the known instruments and is the medium to express our feelings. A good quality guitar is very essential and therefore here we are with the list of best acoustic guitars under 5000 rupees, which are way too affordable and durable.

There are varieties of guitars available in the market like Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars offered by top leading guitar brands like Yamaha, Gibson, Ibanez, Fender, Epiphone, Signature, Sonido and Ashton that provide excellence in quality, perfect in looks and highly durable guitars.

An acoustic guitar is an all time favourite guitar and is loved by all. It is known for its pure sound. It plays a splendid mesmerizing sound that takes you to another world.

Being a beginner or a passionate guitarist everybody loves acoustic guitar. A good quality guitar is essential for every guitarist whether you are a beginner or a professional player. The guitar is an instrument that you can play and carry easily where ever you want.

Guitar produces sound by transmitting the vibrations of its strings in the air. Not only the looks but the body of the guitar also marks great importance as the sound wave resonates through it.

Beginner Guide to Buy Your First Guitar :

1) Body size: It is not impossible but learning to play, and advancing, is very hard if the instrument you practice with felt uncomfortable. the size of acoustic guitar affect the sound, with different parts of the tonal range being more or less prominent thus some options in sizes are listed below

(Grand) Concert – These come in at around 13” in terms of body size. Perfect for smaller musicians.

(Grand) Auditorium – Slightly bigger in size, offers a balanced sound as well as good volume.

Jumbo – Bigger than the Auditorium, great for country music.

Dreadnought – Stand at around 20”, the best choice for bluegrass and similar genres.

Travel/Mini – Varying in size, generally small and practical for travelling.

2) Choice of tonewood: Tonewood is the wood used for the body of an acoustic guitar. It gives different models various characteristics, in terms of feel, build quality and sound. There are numerous different tonewood choices but the most commonly used ones, and how they affect the sound are listed below

Sapele – Fairly lightweight yet durable, very defined high range.

Maple – Similar to Sapele, Maple is rich with treble and easily cuts through the mix when played alongside other instruments.

Mahogany – Somewhere between  Sapele and Maple, Mahogany makes for a strong and defined sound, with a slight boost in the highs.

Cedar – Compared to the other tonewood types, it’s pretty soft. Just think flamenco in terms of the actual sound.

Thus, in order to make a good investment, try to make a rough sketch of the sound you’re looking for and choose accordingly.

3) Type of string: There are two types of strings steel and nylon. There is always a suggestion for beginner guitarists that they should go with nylon strings for their first acoustic guitar but there isn’t really any rule for this. The difference between the sound of both strings are

Nylon strings feel much softer and won’t wear out your fingertips that fast. The sound is also less bright and offers more warmth.

Steel strings make longer practice sessions more painful but contribute to higher volume levels and a crisp tone.

Note: when you buy an acoustic guitar with steel strings, you can not put nylon strings on that model or vice versa.

4) Acoustic – Electic guitar: Acoustic-electric guitars are a combination of regular acoustic and electric guitars. They have a pickup similar to those found on electric guitars and give you the possibility to play through an amplitude of electric guitar. Recording sessions and live performances are much easier with such type of guitar. So, if you plan on playing in a band then going with an acoustic-electric model is a great idea but they are bit costly.

5) Money expenditure: It is said that the more you spend, the better the instrument is, at least to a certain point. Firstly you should evaluate your skill level. Are you a beginner or a more advanced guitar player then spend accordingly. As an absolute newbie, you won’t be able to tell the difference between cheap and more expensive models, having that in mind, buying the costly acoustic guitar as your first instrument just doesn’t make sense and considered a waste of money unless your life goal is to become a professional guitarist.

Finding the best quality, durable and affordable guitar is might a difficult task as lots of them are available in the market but to remove this difficulty of yours we provide you the list of the best acoustic guitars.

Best Selling Acoustic Guitars Under Rs 5000



Best Selling Acoustic Guitars in India

Our list of best acoustic guitars is topped by the guitar offered by one of the known and leading guitar brand Yamaha. Yamaha is known for its quality acoustic guitars as well as for their splendid performance too.

It is one of the known competitors to other leading guitar brands. This splendid guitar is a little high priced it may affect your budget but if your budget is high and accurate to its cost then this guitar is the one you should go for and break the deal with it because it is worth buying.

The Yamaha F310 is superb in quality as it carries a  hallmark of Yamaha F series guitars crafted by it. It goes through various stages of quality, sound and durability checks. Its splendid body style ensures the loud tone and it is way too easy to handle, carry and to play.


  • It has a beautiful traditional western body that gives a superb look.
  •  The material used in crafting is of top quality and is way too durable. Its top material is spruce whereas its fingerboard material is of Rosewood and its bridge material is Rosewood. Its back material is locally sourced tonewood.
  • It is precisely manufactured and is hand finished according to the latest ISO standards.
  • The F310 splendid guitar consists of a spruce top its back and sides are Meranti with a Nato neck and a rosewood fretboard.

2. Kadence Frontier Series Acoustic Guitar With Truss Rod, Brown, Combo With Bag, 1 Pack Strings, Strap, And Picks

Kadence best guitars under 5000 rupees

Kadence is a known brand. It acts as a good competitor to other brands by providing guitars of top quality and features.

This guitar is a beautiful one it carries a great color with it. This guitar is from Kadence frontier series, it carries a great sound quality and offers you splendid playing experience.

It can be easily used and preferred by both professionals and beginners. This guitar is very durable and since it is from the brand Kadence, therefore, it is a very reliable product.


  • It has a spruce body with a rosewood fretboard.
  • Easy to handle and carry.
  • Come with a Bag, 1 Pack Strings, Strap, And Picks.
  • Carries good quality strings.


Kadence Frontier Series, Sunburst Acoustic Guitar Combo

Kadence is one of the known guitar brand. It is known for its fabulous looking and quality guitars it crafts. This guitar is offered by splendid series of the frontier by Kadence.

This guitar is known for its great sound quality and durability. This guitar is one of the best guitars to be achieved with respect to your budget, it is worth to break the deal with.

This splendid Sunburst Acoustic Guitar is easy to play, carry and handle. This guitar is best for beginners and is worth breaking the deal.


  • Its body material is of spruce wood whereas its fretboard material is of rosewood, its body allows for a high fidelity resonating hollow chamber.
  • It offers a great sound quality as well as durability.
  • Its body type is cutaway.
  • It has stainless strings copper wound strings.



Xtag guitars are one of the most popular guitars among guitarists. Xtag is one of the registered trademark brand. It is known for its top quality and durability. This guitar offers you with splendid sound quality and looks.

This guitar brand act as one of the greatest competitor. It is way too easy to carry, play and handle. This one is best for beginners due to its looks, durability and sound quality.


  • Its body type is cutaway.
  • The material used for crafting this splendid guitar is neck linden wood, fretboard rose wood, and body mahogany wood.
  • It carries 6 number of strings whereas 21 number of the fretboard.
  • Its pack consists of guitar plectrums & guitar bag.


best guitars in india

This Kadence guitar is also from the amazing Kadence frontiers series. This guitar provides one of the best sound quality and is durable too.

It is easy to carry, handle and play whereas it is crafted with the best material. This guitar acts best for beginners as well as for professional guitarists. This brand never compromises with sound quality and guitar durability.

It carries a very comfortable design with good body and sound quality.


  • Its body material is of spruce wood whereas its fretboard material is of rosewood.
  • It carries 8 number of strings.
  • Its string type is round wound and is of stainless steel.


Jixing JXNG 6 Strings Acoustic Guitars

Jixing is one of the most common brand known for guitars. It has splendid features of superb sound quality whereas it also offers great looks that match your style.

It is easy to play, carry and handle. This is one of the top leading brand and a great competitor to other leading brands. This guitar offers you durability and even looks that make it different from others.

It offers an innovative design with superb mesmerizing features. This guitar is worth to break the deal with.


  • Its neck material is made from Linden Wood whereas its bridge material is made from plastic and fingerboard and back material is made from Linden as well as its sides material is made from Linden.
  •  Its string is made from nylon and consists total of 18 frets.
  • Its body material is linden wood.
  • It consists of a strap, Bag, Strings, and 3Picks.


Hovner Standard 185 Natural Rosewood Fretboard Acoustic Guitar

This brand is one of the leading and known brands for guitars. This guitar is beautifully handcrafted in India. This guitar is worth buying. It has a splendid innovative look that makes it out of the box.

It has an inbuilt pickup which helps it to connect to an amplifier for great sound quality. It has a great quality as well as it is durable.

This guitar is must to have as it is one of the best to have under this budget range due to its basic amazing features. This guitar has a unique finish of original color and texture of wood.


  • Its body type is cutaway.
  • Its fretboard material is of rosewood.
  • Its strings are made of stainless steel.
  • It has an adjustable bridge and a reinforced Truss Rod with a high gloss finish.
  • It carries a bag, a Strap, and 1 Set of Extra Strings.


Juarez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway with Bag

Juarez is one of the best guitar to break the deal with. It offers unique great style guitars with awesome sound quality and durability.

It has an attractive design crafted with the best material. The brand aims to provide its customers with the best experience. It can be used by both beginners and professional guitarists.

It carries a solid wood top, a comfortable string height as well as smooth tuning pegs.


  • Carries a beautiful black glossy finish.
  • It has a total number of 18 frets and carries stainless steel strings.
  • Its fingerboard is made up of linden wood whereas its fretboard is of ebony wood of fine quality.
  • It comes with a strap, a Bag, Strings, and 2 Picks.


Breve BRE-38C-RD Acoustic Guitar

Best competitor and known brand Breve offers a great variety of musical instruments. This brand crafts fine quality guitars with great durability.

This guitar carries a great sound quality. Its compact size makes it easier to play, carry and handle. It has a beautiful attractive design with a comfortable grip and durable strings as well as smooth tuning pegs.

This guitar is all in one guitar as it covers all superb features that a guitar should have. This guitar is worth for buy as it will provide you with awesome service.


  • Easy to use and carry.
  • Comes with beautiful accessories like smart strap, a bag, strings set and picks.
  • It has a sound quality linden wood soundboard.
  • It has a quality finish with great durability.


Intern INT-38C Acoustic Guitar Kit

Intern is the most common and leading brand for musical instruments. It acts as one of the biggest competitor. This brand provides top quality guitars as well as accessories.

This guitar offers great durability with awesome features and looks. It is easy to play, carry and handle. It carries a plastic bridge material and ebony wood fretboard.

This guitar has very comfortable strings with 18 frets in total. It has a beautiful design with plastic bridge material. It carries ebony wood fretboard. It offers you comfortable strings.


  • It has a glossy finish and 18 frets.
  •  It has a Linden wood fingerboard with the ebony wood fretboard and cutaway design.
  • It comes with a strap, bag, string set, and 3 picks.
  • It has a Linden binding with full wood construction and geared tuning, wood frame, and steel strings.


Juarez JRZ38C 3TS Acoustic Guitar

Juarez is one of the known and biggest brand for musical instruments. It offers you top quality and durable guitars. This guitar offers you a superb looking guitar with splendid features.

This guitar offers you a great look with innovation as well as it is crafted with top quality materials. This brand offers good sound quality and ensures good service.

It has a solid wood top with comfortable string height as well as smooth tuning pegs. It is way too easy to use, handle and carry.


  • Its neck material is made from linden wood and bridge material is made from plastic and fingerboard as well as back material is made from linden wood.
  • Strings are made from steel and sides material is made from linden.
  • It has a black glossy finish with 18 frets.
  • It comes with a strap, a bag, strings, and 2 picks.
  • It has a cutaway design.


1. Are Yamaha electric guitars good?

Yamaha guitars are one of the top selling and most popular guitars among players. Its electric guitars are of top quality and carry splendid features with it.

Yamaha offers a variety of electric guitars that suits all kinds of budget like mid range to high range that are best for intermediate, advanced, and professional players. They are comfortable to use as well as easy to carry.

These electric guitars are available in different styles and are very durable also carry reliable quality and performance.

2. What guitar should a beginner buy?

ans: In our post best acoustic guitar under 5000 carries, top branded guitars for beginners that are comfortable and carry great design with them also suit all budgets and are very unique too.

Our post also covers the best high end acoustic guitars under 5000 that is worth for money.

3. Which brand is best for acoustic guitar in India?

All brands in our list are top selling and best brands for acoustic guitars in India. We can not go with anyone brand as all brands carry their own unique quality, performance, and features.

They are best in their own ways and offer great playing experience.

4. What’s the best brand of the acoustic guitar?

You can go with any of the top brands and can opt for guitars that suit your budget and at a cheap rate it offers you perfect features, quality, and performance.

We can not favor or support anyone brand as all the brands are good and offer best sounding, as well as best solid wood acoustic guitars, that carry good quality features with them, choice of brand totally depends upon the choice and preferences of an individual.

5. Where can I buy an acoustic guitar for a cheap rate?

First, search guitars according to your requirement through a trusted shopping site and look forward to the guitar you like and collect total information about the guitar related to the brand and selling cost.

While searching guitars online do read the reviews and ratings also see whether the seller is certified or not.

Or else you can go to your nearby instrumental market where you can buy your liked guitar that suits your requirements.

Also, do compare the prices online and prices in the market then go for the best deal that you should go for.

So, I hope you liked the post on best acoustic guitars under rupees 5000 where we provided you with top leading brands of acoustic guitars that are superb in quality and in look and also provide splendid performance, that can be used by both beginners and professional guitarists. Do not forget to comment your views and do mention other guitars that you have tried so that we will add them in our upcoming posts. Do share this post among your friends through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so that your friends are not left behind. And do go through our latest posts.

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